Back in April I attended a gathering of diapered folks, NELIcon, when I first started exploring the East Coast. The North Eastern Littles Invasion (NELI) group has an event in New Jersey in which I met a ton of awesome ABs, DLs, littles and bigs. It was a very unique event and something I was proud to be part of, friendly, open people and lots of wonderful moments. Unfortunately due to privacy concerns I haven’t been able to share much of the event with the internet. 
This I can share, and though the video is jumpy and the story a bit shaggy, it brought me to tears, the energy in the room was tense, electric. Telling stories from our own childhoods can be misconstrued by those looking from the outside in, when we talk about *actual* children we can raise some negative attention, I almost didn’t share it for that reason. Our origins, our formative years and thoughts are important, this is our world and our stories, much as NELI was our time and our place. We mustn’t let outside misconceptions limit our experiences or sharing of our knowledge and history.

It’s a personal story, watch if you’re curious and are in the mood for some feelings, a sad story. Sad really isn’t the right word, i’d like to think beyond sad, beyond misery and happiness and fear and honor to just pure emotion. There isn’t a sad/happy binary, it’s all just life. 

That’s why I like this story, I was in tears. This is something that could be considered triggering in regards to bullying experiences as a young child, it was for me. Much of the emotion is lost in the transition from analog human expression to HDV tape, plus a battery issue forced me to use my ipod around the end of part 2, but give it a look if you feel so inclined. Moreso I would recommend visiting Zorro Daddy’s blog for further reading, or buy yourself (or myself) “There Once Was A Girl“, his very creative AB/DL coloring and activity book.
Below are parts 1&2 of a very personal story, “When I Was In 3rd Grade” by Zorro Daddy.
“This isn’t a fantasy or bed time story. 
It’s for real and one of the most pivotal things that ever happened to me.”

4 thoughts on “pro≠con

  1. Friggin' thing deleted my comment 'cause I wasn't logged in 😦

    Anyways, thanks for posting this, Riley… That's a sweet and sad story.

    ZD seems like a nice guy, and a good story-teller. What'd you think about his choking up about their last day?

  2. as a tranny-little-dl….. i spent a good deal of time with other littles in the greater kink comunity. of course, maybe every big city has it's own flavor of “Comunity”. i only know the north-west. i found that many people who do-little, atualy have shall we say, resigual little liftover parts inside from childhood. fragle small's that need both expression as well as protection at the same time. needs that run the risk of being praid on by people who are skiled at picking such littles out of the crowd. the only problem is that in the comunity of kink, everything is fargame. everyone goes in with their eyes wide open, right…… whell what happens when you who think you are just having fun and expressing your inner need as a little. what when you wake up one day the realise that you are not just a grown-up. but you have real little children in your system too and they have been making some very inportant choices whin the adult wasn't looking. and those choices were putting the skin-sack at risk with people that can only be called “Preditors”……… please don't think that i am passing jugment on anyone. but after several decades in the gay and strate kink comunitys, i learened that many know there are “real-littles” in the community. and that almost nothing is done to keep them safe. unfortunitly, if they are to socialise, there is no where else for them to go and be open. but i would never risk my children there again…….


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