I’ve been diversifying.
Reaching out to the mainstream.
I consider transsexual pornography to be mainstream
Am I out of touch?
I’m putting myself out there. 
 Goals and quests and ideas still to accomplish.
I’ve got potential.
Not matter how much I try to convince myself otherwise.
I’ve been taking my past into consideration. 
Learning, healing, growing, i’m a grown woman, an old soul, still a kid. 
We modern humans make thousands of decisions a day.
What’s the standard success rate? 
I’ve been imagining myself as an old woman.
 Smiles and a sundress, shopping for produce at a farmers market. 
By now I’ve learned to carry the weight of my experiences
I walk lightly on my feet and always wear colors
All sorts of good stuff soon.
Thanks for reading ❤
photos by WendySummers

6 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. Riley, that's a bi step and we're all happy to be a part of it with you. You'll be the best model they have, I'm sure of it =)

  2. Hi Riley,

    Are you sure about this? Blogging and showing yourself diaperd in videos is one thing. BTW: Something you are doing very well! 🙂
    But pornography is totally different. People might consume it (me too, I confess 😉 but do they regard the actors personally? I have doubts about that.

    Kind Regards,

  3. “I walk lightly on my feet and always wear colors”

    thanks for adding that in there.. i miss colors.. when i moved here my GF made me pack away all my bright colors.. she insisted “you're in the city now, be a professional woman, you will only wear black and gray” Even though her an i parted ways long ago i just never seem to take chances and enjoy colors anymore 😦
    Your posts bring some wonderful colors back to my days 🙂
    i did some modeling in past.. fetish, but not naked or having sex.. i have never had that come back and bite me.. but it's always a fear out there..
    warmest wishes,

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