Feel Little

Here’s my latest video, “Feel Little”.
I shot this over a weekend in PA, I visited a friends ABDL birthday party, it was one of those situations deep in the forest where you are either going to be chopped to bits or have a great time. I had a great time, mostly cartoons, cake and community with a good bunch of littles, I love footysleepovers!

The morning after I headed south to Lancaster, checked out the small encampment which was Occupy Lancaster, ate some fatty nonsense at Ruby Tuesdays then headed towards the Indian Marker Bed&Breakfast. I’m not going to go into many details of my time there because most of it was spent bound/gagged with various things in me, I had a lovely time and that’s all you need to know for now 😛

The location was clean, breakfast was good, the owners were nice. The energy of the building and the land was really interesting, it made the experience just that much more of an experience, I don’t want to give too many spoilers. There’s an upstairs area with the cribs and changing table, the dungeon space and furniture (BYO toys), a nice bath and plenty of space. I liked the institutional aspect of the nursery, I have my own lovely crib but the metal rails and sliding sides really do it for me. The changing/exam/gyno table is also something I quite enjoy having fun with… and the sawhorse in the dungeon was fun too.

 I think it’s funny how we quantify these actions as “fun” or “play” many things that I enjoy most would find pretty awful and not fun at all. MarioKart is fun in a much different way than anal orgasms or diaper bondage, that goes without saying, but in the grand scheme of things if it’s something challenging and exciting, it’s fun! It’s just a lazy language and kinda keeps things light… “wanna play?” sounds better than “wanna let me tie you up and fuck you?”

If you want to get in on the *fun*, you can contact the Indian Marker B&B at IndianMarker.com or Indian_Marker on Fetlife. If you do contact them and/or visit, please treat these folks and their space with respect and discretion. If you don’t think you can, please don’t contact them! My heart would break if I brought negativity into their home, be on your best behavior! This is a full service B&B, but isn’t a “full service” baby experience, the fee is for the space not for a nanny-service.
Here’s another little link I’d like to slip in, I’ve recently become more of a fan of Reddit and have found a growing number of folks on /r/ABDL, its turning into a cool little group. I highly recommend visiting, reading the rules, then posting, upvoting, contributing!
Thanks for reading, this is the last post on my old PC! It’s time to tear it down and start anew, more on that later. Hugs and more stuffs soon!!!

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