Hey there friends!

Its been over 5 years now since I started this site, and it’s grown more than i ever imagined. It’s been Ad-Free for the duration and due to some upcoming media exposure I figured it was time to monetize the site. I’m really appreciative of the donations over the years, and those have really, really help me become the lovely young woman I am today… thank you ❤ The poorly made banner at the top of the page (I'm not a graphic designer, I try my best) will send you to my new set on ShemaleYum, I'm getting quite a bit of positive feedback from my set 🙂 Though I'd love to have as my own paysite but there's quite of bit of webdesigning and content that still needs to be done, i'm just getting started. I'm still just doing the under-the-table private videos until StayKinky becomes a reality, the videos are a great way for me to show my appreciation for a donation ❤

This is a personal diary of my diapered life, and I want to assure you that the words I write here are still a top priority. I’m venturing out into new territory, places where I’ll be able to really achieve my goals, mostly becoming a content producer and eventually an independent filmmaker. I’ll still be keeping it real under the lights and glamour, I hear worries that I’ll go off and become one of those “hollywood types”, in my travels and experiences I’ve gained a strong enough sense of self to stick my guns and try not to let my image overshadow my morals and standards. I’m hoping to be in LA by the end of January, thats the next big step for me and my career as a porn starlet and videographer.

You’ll see bits of my Sadie Hawkins stage name pop up here and there online, it allows me to explore outside my littlegirl headspace and to compartmentalize the content I put out. if you see Sadie Hawkins its kink/porn, if you see Riley, its diapers activism etc. I’m still the quintessential cuddly little diaper girl but life is all about balance, I’m not always a little crinklepants, I pretend i’m a grown up now and then with grown up wants and needs… I’m a big girl and I need a BIIIG cereal!

This is the last you’ll hear about this, please pardon the banner and there will be more awesome diaper stories and videos and all the stuffs I love making for you guys. I’m actually Jersey right now after a camshow with WendySummers, heading back to NYC and then from there… we’ll just have to keep reading and find out ❤

3 thoughts on “addition

  1. OMG, I love the previews of you on Nice work. Love the peek at the end of preview vid 4 🙂 .oO(Happy thoughts, happy thoughts as cum dribbles down my chin) very nice. Especially liked the one on 😛 cheggit hehe. You're cuming along very nicely also. Keep up the great work!

    BTW, You should have other ads to support your way too. It's the nature of the internet funds.

    Your fan,

  2. Did not know you were ob that site or on ifriends wish I could have seen that. Very sexy pictures hope to see more soon.

  3. Very cute pix. I enjoy riley and I enjoy Sadie, whether you are baby or BIG girl you are a pleaser to me. I just adore you! Balance is necessary. I am glad to hear that you won't lose your roots, I have seen it happen with others I have followed. Fun is fun and business is business in a sense relationships are made in the beginning to us who have followed so you being mindful of keeping our feelings in mind is typical maternal riley, TY 🙂 Good luck with your aspirations, I am excited for you.

    …you are the bomb riley/Sadie XO


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