Are you excited about my little *free* webcam show tonight? 
LIVE from my nursery in upstate NY
There will be a storytime, showing off my newly stuffed bear, thoughts on munches, adventure, the new bambinos and more! 
I have no idea what to expect, will probably be a small, personal affair – stop on by and say hello ❤
crinkles and cuddles and more stuff soon! 
(pics are of from Wednesday night after 15 hours, 3 states & 2 boroughs in a bambino) 

6 thoughts on “prep

  1. I missed it too. I have been following your blogs and videos for some time now. I have even left comments on here before.

    You are an inspiration to me and oh so very very adorable.

    I would love to meet you at some point, but I am in the wrong part of the country for that.

    So, I hope to settle on meeting you on webcam or in chat sometime.

    I missed you this time. 😦 But maybe I can catch you on next time.

    I wish you all the best luck and friends, Riley.

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