Bear Stuff

Helllllo! Hope your staying warm this December the 24th. I’m feeling cozy and warm, feeling good, warm, I have my stuffys and my sleepers, cozy things around me ❤
I made a happy little video and will be doing a happy little webcam thingy on TinyChat tomorrow morning, from 8 to 9:30 in the morning, EST.  It’s free and easy to get in, i’ll be reading a story or two and sharing some cheer. I’m very cuddly right now, it’s been a big long year and have a big year ahead of me, hibernating a bit before my busy January, i’m diapered 24/7, sleeping in my crib, loving my bear, happy girl ❤
Here’s my smiley video…

I realized while editing this that all of my favorite stuffed animals are gifts from friends…
My bear is from Cincinnati
My horsey is from Mendocino
My bunny is from Buffalo
My lobster is from San Francisco
My pink puppy is from Sacramento
My monkey is from New Jersey
My giraffe is from Pennsylvania
My jellybean puppy is from Amazon (hehe)
My main cast of stuffed characters all have special meaning to me, I love my real and my animal friends… thanks to everyone for all the kind things, the comments and emails and gifts and donations over the years ❤ If I haven't, I will be getting back to E-mails but please be patient, I try to put the amount of care into my response as you put into the initial letter. Happy thoughts go out to all the littles and bigs and everyone in between, stay warm and staydiapered, and seeya tomorrow morning!

“Bear and I”

7 thoughts on “Bear Stuff

  1. Lovely dress. Glad to see your bear recovered from surgery (aka getting re-stuffed.) I agree if you want to wear a pretty princess dress go for it!!

  2. If there's a break in my Xmas day, I'll hop online to see you 🙂

    @Anonymous if it's 9 am in New York on Christmas Day it 1 am on Boxing Day on the Pacific Coast of Australia

  3. Cuddling up in bed with one's animal friends while wearing a pretty frilly dress and thick cozy diapers certainly is a wonderful way to relax, yes indeed! :c) Also: I didn't realize it until you stood up, but that dress -really- is gorgeous! Would a couple photos to show it off better be too much to ask? 🙂

  4. Yey! I loved this video :-). You seem to feel like I feel about my teddies!

    Teddies are super heroes when you're going though a rough time. I love mine to bits – he too is going to need a re-stuffing soon though (I didn't even know you could do that!).

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who worries about playing favourites with my teddies.

    I have a Big Rabbit I think of as mummy rabbit, and a little rabbit I think of as baby rabbit (she's my travelling light companion – I never go anywhere without a teddy), I have 3 bears (each has been my favourites at some time, a white polar bear when I was younger, a brown patchy bear as I got older, and currently a fluffy brown teddy (tis okay, they're too little to read that). I also have a lovely pink PHP elephant.

    They're all gifts of friends which makes them extra special, except for the pink PHP elephant and the polar bear. I bought the pink PHP elephant because I got teddy envy when someone was selling them at work and a friend bought one, and the polar bear was my sisters a long time ago.

    I also have a teddy with a nightlight in it's tummy which would be great for when I get scared of the dark, except it broke :(.

    “It's christmas eve and I figure, I'm 25 and if I wanna wear a fairy princess dress on christmas eve, well I should, and I can” – This. ❤

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