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Hey there! I had a cuddly lovely evening yesterday, ate and crinkled and played with a very cute puppy, I love Christmas puppies. I tried not to be too cynical this season, I didn’t focus on the holidays this year, but the actual *day of* was nice, one of my more pleasant ones, I was crinkly all day and my morning webcam chat was really fun, thanks to everyone who visited ❤

I’d like to quickly post about the NYC ageplay munch, you can click the tab that says “NYC Munch!” near the top of this page, It should be awesome, I’m excited about meeting ageplayers in NYC and surrounding areas and the venue I’ve set up should be a good match. If you can make it to Times Square, you can make it to this munch, so come along! Very low-pressure event, check out for more info ❤

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