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This site probably one of the weirder corners of the internet, lets be honest. I generally avoid terms like weird and normal as they are relative and compartmentalize people and actions, but we all know what weird is, so just go with me on this one. Imagine you’re a tax-paying 9-5’er, you have 2 freckle-face kids at your feet and a domestic goddess or dashing husband by your side. You take pride in your gender identity, your wedding was white and made your parents so proud, you’re saving up the college fund for little Timmy and Cindy and your recreation is a day out with the friends on Sundays and TV on school nights, as well as quietly humping to Billy Joel’s “The Stranger” a couple times a week. You have your quirks and secret shames, they live in a locked box behind the skis and old Christmas decorations, your great-grandkids will break it open someday and giggle at grandmas fist shaped dildo or granddad’s weightlifting magazines with the stuck together pages. You’ll be long gone by then and you never let those things seep into your identity, you live and die as the image you created of yourself.
There’s nothing wrong with living for family or structure etc, though many in the “normal” spectrum would probably think this site is pretty weird, a transgender girl waxing poetic about diapers and cuddles, living life in a strange way and doing strange things. You scare yourself imagining life without a car payment, without a life-partner, crafting a new gender identity and posting the intricate details of your life on the internet. Some of the things seem like your worse nightmare, losing control, bound and gagged against your will, forced to wet your diapers or take a large enema, made to stay in soiled diapers, humiliated and disciplined, to have what makes you an adult taken away and forced to be a little diapered slave. 
Sounds wonderful right? This all seems relatively normal to me, plenty of people have their own views on gender, love and life, my (our?) world is just a little different. Many cultures embrace travel and freedom from possessions, I grew up reading Kerouac, my lineage passed through the irish potato famine and the dustbowl. I’m not doing things much different from them, trying to pursue happiness, sometimes you’ve gotta cross coasts to do that. Folks live with strange alternative lifestyles/religions/ways to get through the day, and I don’t pretend theirs is any weirder than mine, nor do I judge. There is a Built To Spill song called “Reasons” that I love, I feel its about having a reason to be, a reason to get through your day and that’s all any of us are looking for. Be it heroin or family or to impress someone or to someday wet your bed like a girl, whatever reason it is, we all need a reason to be, and without it, we might be a little lost. Adding to that thought, Built to Spill on this track said “Who is who to say how flesh should be used and who should have it for that use?”… whatever your reason may be, it’s your reason, and that’s good enough. 
The whole purpose of this post was to show you a weird video I found on the internet. What I make may be weird to some, but is relatively normal for AB/DL folks, just a girl in a crib (or on adventures) talking about diapers and being little. This video is weird, and has weird things going on it. I just went and watched some of their other videos, and those are weird too. A mostly non-kinky friend who knows i’m really into food/food education as well as diapers sent me this. I agree with the thoughts on the way the environment etc is going, but the presentation is just… weird. 
I’m not saying this is a must see video but it’s worth a strange peek, I usually can’t stand most of the content on the youtubes because they’re often over-titled and not worth sitting through. I went to high school with the kids from Smosh, we took the same film/video class, I was working on anti-bullying and drunk driving stuff, they were making pokemon videos, I remember thinking that they were going to get nowhere with their silly little videos. Honestly, the flareons of jealousy don’t apply here, they make media for a different audience, they would be the white picket fences to my damp dark basement. They’re nice guys, I’d probably have worse things to say if that wasn’t the case, I wish them the best ❤
Enjoy the weird video, and if you try really hard, I bet you could masturbate to it. Especially the part when she pretends a pantry is a door to another room and just slowly closes the door on herself. I want a crinkly girl in my pantry!
More stuff soon ❤

::weird post over::

One thought on “weird post on weird internet

  1. you are right that is a strange vid. But informative in a strange way I guess. I guess telling people if you incont you should wear diapers seems obvious to me. But the plastic bag hanging off your ears seem like it would just fall off as soon as you used it, to me at least.

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