i’ll be your mirror

Hello friends! I recently went to Washington D.C. with the sole intention of reflection, that’s mostly what this post is about.

I met with my mom while she was traveling, she and I have a distant but loving relationship, she asked me what I regret the most and what my biggest gain was… I said my biggest regret was not taking better care of my teeth… and my biggest gain is learning inclusiveness, that accepting and including are different things and what it really means to reach out to people, the distinction between helping for good and/or egotism. I’m more free of prejudices, less afraid, going through the negative things at the end of 2010 made this year so much about discovery and exploring different ways of life. There have been some highs and lows, media exposure and loneliness, career and carcinogens, lust and loss… I filmed constantly, for myself and others… here’s my favorite thing I filmed this year…

This was at the infamous drag venue Sugarland in Brooklyn, a friend told me Peaches would be playing an unannounced DJ set there and I could come film, so I did, I got some crazy great footage that i’ll post eventually, but this was the best moment… I love NYC ❤

While I was in DC, I wanted to reflect on the year and my life, so I figured what better place than the reflecting pool in front of the Lincoln Memorial?

But it’s being torn up for repairs…  maybe this is a good hint that now is not a time for reflection, now might be the time to look forward. I’ve got a big exciting life ahead of me, I’ve learned my lessons and have more mistakes to make, but my future is bright, and i’m smiling ❤

Very excited about sharing the next year and more with you guys, thanks for reading and here’s to a wonderful, game-changing 2012! Hugs and StayDiapered from me and my bear ❤

4 thoughts on “i’ll be your mirror

  1. God, I love you… Ive become such a cynical asshole to everyone and myself… I hate it… Please lend me some of your optimism in 2012 and give Cincy Bear a HUGE hug for me…


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