pout out loud

It’s been quite the diapered year so far… it’s only been 3 days and I’ve already found myself in the potty chair 😦
Actually, this was taken at NELIcon last year. I feel like I’ve grown 10 feet taller when it comes to confidence in front of the camera. My photographer, the wonderful Photomuse took a series of pics of me, which i’m editing right now ❤ Here's the first one, more stuff sooooon ❤

7 thoughts on “pout out loud

  1. Pouting Adult Babies in High Chairs should me made to eat all of their baby food, especially their spinach and squash. Stop Pouting baby.

    Love Ya

  2. So what is a potty chair ? whats the concept with it i never actually ran into that so i have no clue.

    Yours truly Dany

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