I’m not trying to make any statements about SOPA by having my site up still. All I have is this little IPod to publish on, for now 🙂

I landed in LA, I’m as safe as anyone, more adventure to come! I’ll keep you posted 🙂

In the voice of the comic book guy… “Worst Post Ever”… More stuff sooooon


New little “I’m ok” video ❤

7 thoughts on “SOPA and LA

  1. Awww, Riley so sleepy 😦 Where is Cincy Bear when you need him??? I surely hope you didnt smush him into any luggage 😀 lol, anyways, Thanks for the update and good luck good luck in this new chapter!


  2. Good luck. Glad you are safe. I hope you are keeping Cincy Bear and your crinklies close at hand. I hope the apartment search goes smoothly and with a minimum amount of stress. Good luck.

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