Feelin’ it

Hello again! Things are moving fast and feeling it, let’s talk about feelings, shall we?

I’m feeling welcome, it’s been a little over 48 hours since I arrived in Hollywood and things are going great. I scored a tiny and perfect apartment, getting Internet and everything figured out, I’m safe and happy and enjoying a cup of coffee at a little spot here in N. Hollywood. I miss the California coffee scene, you can make friends with folks just by dropping names and talking shop, very open-minded folks. My reputation was tarnished by getting fired by one of the premiere shops in NorCal, luckily the coffee people down here know those guys are pricks, and drama is drama and coffee is coffee. It’s nice to be back, California is my homeland, and it always will be.

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I’m feeling warm, this is a brand new adventure, season 6 of Riley Kilo’s “Protection Blog”, now known as “StayDiapered”. I’ll be keeping you posted, my computer is on its way from New York and this IPad a wonderful reader bought me as a coast-warming gift is my best tool available. I’ve wanted one since another lovely reader sent me an iPod touch a little over a year and a half ago, it’s the reason why I’ve been able to (somewhat) consistently blog while on the road, this will drastically improve that ability. I’m glad I haven’t forgotten all of my HTML stuff, have to publish raw on blogger for now, ill try and keep it pretty. I also understand that its N. Hollywood, so I’ll be cautious as to where I whip my device out, I always am 🙂

I’m feeling positive, I think I’ll be able to really do some good work here, make a name for myself in a really good way. NYC was a success, I made my mark, got in some media and some blogs, did some good work with activist groups and learned some priceless lessons in organizing and inclusions. By the time I left I was running into friends constantly, I felt like I belonged there but California was calling, I had to answer,. I’m still doing the NYC Munch from an organizational role, will likely start one here as well. Will be interesting to see how things get going here, as usual I’ll keep you posted.

I’m feeling cautious, NYC is as expensive as it is expansive, your money just slips through the cracks. Metro cards and taxis and trader joes and rent, dear god the rent, it can really suck you dry if you’re not smart… I could have been smarter. A very noble friend of mine introduced the term “Full Austerity Mode” to me, meaning keep the expenses super low, singles over doubles, no little pleasures, just the necessities. I’ve spent about a 100$ setting up my apartment with discount store stuff, it came furnished which was a big bonus. No concerts or video games, water with a meal and taxis only in emergencies. My block is kinda rough and I’m not letting surviving in the Bronx get me cocky, this is a different beast. Getting attacked on the subway on my way out of NYC was a reminder that I’m not invincible and that I damn well better keep my situational awareness at 11 whenever I’m on transit or in any sort of questionable situation. This young woman in the big city is going to watch her wallet and her ass, try to stay in one piece.

I’m feeling free. I’m feeling strong, awake. It’s the coffee and the pacific ocean and the well wishes of readers like you. I still have a 100+ emails that I need to answer, I feel like I’ve left a lot of folks hanging, and for that I apologize. Lots of stuff happening in the media etc, I’ll give some incite on my recent TV appearance, plus some personal stuff about coast hopping, snow, cloth diapers and my new little place. I have no idea what my next post will be about, but stay tuned (and diapered and kinky) for more thoughts, pics, videos, love. I’ll finish this with the scene before cuddling up in bed last night, there were tears in my eyes while I took this pic. The homeless, tattered and scared young girl has mended over the last year, returning to her coast healthy and learned. Thanks for being here with me!

Cincy Bear and I couldn’t be happier 🙂

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