Potty Trained

Hello friends, your cuddly little girl has a new video to share!

It’s been a whole week since I’ve worn my diapers, I’ve been wearing pretty panties that have been stowed away because I haven’t been responsible enough to choose my own underwear, I have been in diapers for so long because if not I will make my skirt or bed all soggy 😦 I haven’t wet my pants or had any accidents at all since I’ve been here, I guess I’m finally old enough to be potty trained! It feels nice to know that I can wear big girl panties without fear of embarrassment or anything. When I was on the plane coming in I wore a diaper because I was afraid I’d leak if I took a nap, waking up with pee pants on a plane doesn’t sound like fun… but I’m a big girl and I don’t need to wear diapers anymore 🙂

Not even training pants for me, I wore the ones with little princesses on them so I could get used to wearing big girl undies but now I don’t even wear those. Panties with padding in them are for toddlers and thumbsuckers, not mature grown-ups like me. No matter how cute they are or if they have my favorite princesses and yes sometimes I wish I had them on just for that feeling of wetness, but I’m potty trained now and diapers are for babies. I don’t have any and I don’t need any, so that’s that! My friend says that I’m a little girl and I need my diapers so they are sending me some ATN’s… “Just in case” they say, if I have a long trip (which I can do without a carseat) I may need them but I’ll show them and lift up the seat of the potty, pull down my big girl panties and pee like a mommy would. The potty does make lots of noise like on a airplane and sometimes i’m nervous and I wet before I get all my clothes out of the way and make wet spots on them. Sometimes I can’t even make it and make a big accident but those are all problems that an adult like me doesn’t have, now that I’m potty trained and don’t need to always be in crinkly diapers.

I’m tired of crinkling all over, when I’m at a coffee shop I’m sure people can see a little bit of diaper poking out, you can’t hide them all the time and I get embarrassed, they must know that I can’t hold it and have to wear diapers… They must know that when I get home I cuddle my bear and wear little kids pajamas and sometimes use a binky and sometimes wake up in a full diaper and smell like pee and baby powder 😦 I wear big girl clothes and dress like a mature twenty-something but when they hear the crinkle I blush and get all shy. Now that I don’t wear diapers people will see me as a grown up and all I have to do is stay dry and I’ll be fine.

I will be posting a new video tomorrow telling you how my life in panties is, my bed has sheets that don’t make noise when you move around in them because I don’t pee myself at night anymore, if you call me a bed wetter I’ll laugh and say “not anymore!”

I hope you enjoy the little video, as you can see my bear still has to wear diapers because they are still a baby bear, but the girl you see in the video is 100% potty trained and will never need diapers again! Every night I stay dry I put a gold star on my phone, I have 8 gold stars so far and i’m going to get a million more because I’m out of diapers for good! I know everyone out there thinks I’m being silly and I’ll wet my pants on accident because Riley is a diaper girl and she can’t help it, but I’ve grown up and matured and my little breasts are even getting bigger, a sign that I’ve developed past the need for protection. I’ll post tomorrow and show you my ninth gold star and stick my tongue out for not believing me.

I hope you like the video and I’ll see you tomorrow! Now that I’m not in diapers this blog is going to be about real estate and insurance futures, the stock market and architecture. Those are topics a grown up like me is interested in, not stuffed animals and footy sleepers. Crinkles and cuddles are for babies and for people who go potty in their pants 😛

I’ll keep you posted ❤

6 thoughts on “Potty Trained

  1. Do you date? I'd love to discuss real estate and insurance futures, and the future of the stock market and architecture and maybe even philosophy over a nice cup of coffee.

  2. hey riley how are you me ok i still wear daipers and i love daipers so i am sorry for i do not know why you are not wearing daipers so if you want plz call me when you get the chanes

  3. Good to see you have been maturing well and enjoying your new found freedom. Reading about your becoming a new found implant in Hollywood brought memories of my years there, long, long ago.

    The memories of walking aimlessly down Hollywood blvd., reading the stars on the sidewalk, being picked up by an older assistant director, who wanted to, and did ravage my young body. Having a slightly older queen, demand that I come with her, where I belonged, and leave my petite, shy new girlfriend behind.

    Strolling down Sunset Blvd. in full drag, trying to act like I was a real girl, window shopping one evening, while hoping someone nice would pick-me up. I was really hoping to be ravaged, yet scared silly that I would be beaten to a pulp instead.

    I envy you to be young and strutting you stuff in these liberated times.

    BTW the times I was remembering was 1969-1971.

    Good luck and stay safe.

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