Partly Trained

I wet my pants 😦

Thank you everyone that’s been following my crinkly (or not so crinkly) little adventures since I came to LA… Here’s a new video, I don’t know how many more accidents I can take before I have to get back into diapers for good…

9 thoughts on “Partly Trained

  1. Maybe you should be in pull-ups first before you wear big girl undies. Love to see a vid on pull-ups and potty chair 🙂

  2. I think lil Riley is absolutely adorable, but even more so in diapers. There is nothing wrong with wearing diapers, and it seems you need them. Take care, Riley.

  3. I tried wearing regular underwear to bed with a pair of plastic pants and that did'nt work so well so I think I will just stick to plain old diapers and plastic pants for day and night time use. Well Riley at least you tried. I can'nt hold it at all any more and so thats why I wear diapers so I'm not in that kind of situation that you where in. Good luck hang in there. From Josh J

  4. This all just looks so staged. I bet if you weren't filming yourself you wouldn't have had an “accident” or “locked the door” by “mistake”.

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