two favorites

Here’s a little video of a favorite song and a happy, dreaming diaper girl…
Here’s a short film of a young lover driven mad by conspiracies, a short french satire on the theme “Love, Loss, Redemption, and The Afterparty”
Hope you like them ❤


Hello friends ❤
This is a teasy little post… lots of exciting things happening… 
My daytime television premiere is happening later this month, no details and I’ll try not to make a big deal about this… I think it turned out well and it’s a silly little show to begin with. 
NYC Munch is happening next Tuesday (1/10) at 8pm! Come visit us at the Dave and Busters near Times Square, check out the tab above for more info. 
I’m putting my valuable possessions (camera/phone/bear) into a backpack and moving to Los Angeles this month, hope to find an apartment by Feb. 1st. I will keep you updated, going to really dive into my cross country travelogue and share more thoughts and adventures instead of week long silences. Should be exciting, nervous about the travel but this is a good change. I will likely return to NYC eventually, but the warm weather and model work make LA a good choice in my life right now.
I’m a baby Rainicorn ❤
More pics and stuff soon! 

pout out loud

It’s been quite the diapered year so far… it’s only been 3 days and I’ve already found myself in the potty chair 😦
Actually, this was taken at NELIcon last year. I feel like I’ve grown 10 feet taller when it comes to confidence in front of the camera. My photographer, the wonderful Photomuse took a series of pics of me, which i’m editing right now ❤ Here's the first one, more stuff sooooon ❤