Southern California

I packed up my things and flew to NY 365 days days ago. It’s been quite a year. 
Thank you, everyone who’s been with me for this trip, online and IRL. 
I will try and share the kindness I’ve been show ❤

I’m less than 24 hours from a getting on a series of flights to Los Angeles, have appointments for apartments in North Hollywood.
I hope time and safety and money are all on my side.

It’s been quite a year. Expect a ton of new stuff, stories, videos, transition stuff and the premiere of
Hugs everyone… and please keep me in check, I’m moving to Hollywood.
Here’s to another wonderful adventure, I’m smiling as i’m leaving NY (for now) ❤ 


Hello friends and newcomers to the site! 
My name is Riley Kilo and this is my little corner of the internet. 
Here you’ll find the story of my life, in diapers. I am an Adult Baby/Diaper Lover, I prefer the term “Little”. I find great comfort in regression and soft, childhood things like stuffed animals, pastels and yes, diapers.
I also like other things, travel and film, nature and vinyl records, video games and BBQ.
I’m transgender, I see gender as a binary construct that has been solidified over the course of human history. Gender roles exist, but gender is something that isn’t decided by genetics. I was told my entire life that I was a boy, and growing up I knew that I didn’t fit within that role, I started identifying as a woman over 5 years ago and it’s been a wonderfully positive experience. I believe being forced by society to fit within a gender role causes untold amounts of sadness and frustration for trans and cisgender people alike. The more we open our mind about gender, the more we can freely express ourselves as people. 
My transition and my interests in regression are separate things, yet they compliment each other in my life. It’s been wonderful to make new memories of the young girlhood I never had. My interests in ageplay and regression have nothing to do with past abuse, though they are a way for me to deal with the stresses of life. I feel like a relatively balanced person, I don’t push my interests to the general public (though occasionally i’m on TV) and I’m not really looking to make ABDL this socially accepted thing, I ask not for understanding, but for tolerance.
I had a tough time as a young person dealing with these feelings… the fear of friends and family not accepting you can feel like a great, crushing weight. I try to alleviate this weight by spreading positive thought and telling my story. If you’re interested in helping me tell my story, check out my donate page. Donations are very much appreciated, be sure to leave your e-mail address so we can keep in touch.
If you’d like to learn more, visit my links page, is also a resource.  Feel free to explore the site and my youtube. Thanks to those who have sent kind comments, donations and advice, it really takes a village to raise this little girl 🙂 
Thanks again!!! More stuff sooooooooooon ❤

Big Little Girl

Here’s a video update of how my life has been lately!
Exciting news on events, adventures and escaping New York.
Here’s the Little Girl version…
Here’s the Big Girl version…
I hope this is a good way to show how I process feelings, I am both a big girl and a little girl and find time for both. I think this makes me a pretty well rounded person, helps deal with some of the tougher times this young woman has gone through. Simple as that, thanks for watching both this crinkly little diaper girl and the little more grown up coast-hopping career woman ❤ 
More stuff soon!

two favorites

Here’s a little video of a favorite song and a happy, dreaming diaper girl…
Here’s a short film of a young lover driven mad by conspiracies, a short french satire on the theme “Love, Loss, Redemption, and The Afterparty”
Hope you like them ❤


Hello friends ❤
This is a teasy little post… lots of exciting things happening… 
My daytime television premiere is happening later this month, no details and I’ll try not to make a big deal about this… I think it turned out well and it’s a silly little show to begin with. 
NYC Munch is happening next Tuesday (1/10) at 8pm! Come visit us at the Dave and Busters near Times Square, check out the tab above for more info. 
I’m putting my valuable possessions (camera/phone/bear) into a backpack and moving to Los Angeles this month, hope to find an apartment by Feb. 1st. I will keep you updated, going to really dive into my cross country travelogue and share more thoughts and adventures instead of week long silences. Should be exciting, nervous about the travel but this is a good change. I will likely return to NYC eventually, but the warm weather and model work make LA a good choice in my life right now.
I’m a baby Rainicorn ❤
More pics and stuff soon! 

pout out loud

It’s been quite the diapered year so far… it’s only been 3 days and I’ve already found myself in the potty chair 😦
Actually, this was taken at NELIcon last year. I feel like I’ve grown 10 feet taller when it comes to confidence in front of the camera. My photographer, the wonderful Photomuse took a series of pics of me, which i’m editing right now ❤ Here's the first one, more stuff sooooon ❤