Tranquilty ATN

Hey there! Today’s post and video will be about the Tranquility ATN’s ❤

First off, I love these diapers! They aren’t the best, they aren’t the cheapest, but I really, really have become fond of them. Let me give you the basics… The Tranquility line of diapers features a number of different styles and qualities of diapers, this post will be on the “All Through The Night”, or ATN brief. Tranquility also makes a slimline brief which I’ve had mixed results with, a inferior Pull-Up line and a number of pads and miscellaneous diapers.The ATN’s are the way to go, smalls are a bit too small and get soaked even after one wetting. This little naughty video of mine shows how full I get small ATN’s. Medium ATN’s are the focus of this post, lets dive into the pros and cons!
Pro: Plastic, Bulky and LOUD ❤
I’ll assume i’m speaking to a mostly an AB/DL crowd here, though some of the positives of the ATN’s are geared specifically for incontinent folks. I’ve grown attached to these diapers because they crinkle like crazy, they’re like a big hug and have a lovely bulky feeling. The plastic on the ATN is very strong and the leg gathers feel comfy, there’s lots of extra plastic on the top and sides so the crinkle factor is pretty high, I sometimes roll down the top part to make it feel a little more bulky or if exposing my waistline is a possibility. They’re great for spankings because of the extra bulk, they’re still kinda thin compared to the Dry 24/7 or other “Designer” diapers, but they cover a little ones bottom nicely and make a nice ::whomp:: when patted or paddled. The thinness comes from the absorbent strip of “Peach Mat” in the diaper, it isn’t the best at absorbing quickly but does absorb a great deal of wetness, the ATN gets a very nice sort of soggy when soaked. Absorbency, AB appeal and a comfortable fit makes the ATN my go-to diaper in most situations.
Pro: Affordable and Accessible
At about a dollar a diaper these fall into the mid-range of pricing, not as cheap as the awful First Quality or comparable Attends but a bargain compared to the imports or AB-focused brands. I tend to wear a diaper for no longer than 5/6 hours or overnight. I can wear an ATN through just about as many wettings as a Bambino, most diapers I tend to change before they get to capacity. Many of the Little’s reading this may not have a choice as to when they change, but I tend to change when things get a little too soaked and i’m about to leak, being single has it’s advantages… But I digress, the ATN’s last a good long time, usually 3-4 wettings, or 1 small and one BIG wetting, this little girl usually makes a big wetting right when she wakes up if not before, it’s rarely leaky, but usually puts the diaper at capacity. The feeling of “wasting” a diaper kinda kills my regressive state, it’s nice to be able to change and not really worry and the ATN’s allow you that freedom. As an added note, USA readers can occasionally find Tranquility and Select in pharmacies or medical supplies store, sometimes even on sale/clearance. They’re carried by most of the big diaper distributors and coupons are not hard to come by, they’re much more desirable than Depends or other common brands.

Con: Not Practical
These diapers get HOT! They don’t breath, and when the thermostat gets above 85 or they become a rash risk.  Lack of discretion is a mixed blessing, they feel really awesome in a sleeper or by themselves, but I’d think twice before wearing them in pants, especially on a hot day or in a quiet workplace. Our cute and cuddly diaper model Paige shows that they can be worn with a skirt without notice… unless you’re a show-off  😛

Pro: I feel good buying from Tranquility

I’ve come to term with the fact that my ethics often don’t coincide with my purchases, I don’t always shop organic, it’s often quite expensive to put your money where your heart is. Principle Business Enterprises seems to be a pretty ethical company, I feel good about their philanthropy and the communication I’ve had with their customer service, friendly people, coupons etc. I’m not saying call them up for a chat but in my experience with ordering samples/checking to see if they outsourced a call center, I have been presently surprised. They are as close to a Mom & Pop diaper company as you can get, I feel good buying from this friendly crinkle-factory in Toledo Ohio and will continue to do so, until we run out of landfill space 😛
Con: “Consumer” crinkles
If you’re used to the level of quality that comes from expensive diapers, you will be disappointed by these. The 4 tapes (or 8, as each tape has two tries) work but are nothing special and can rip the plastic after extended wear if put on too tight. Duct tape kinda works to prevent this, but that can be a hassle and difficult to take off. The leg gathers fall apart after a while, the absorbent material can kinda fall apart within the diaper and hinder absorbency if you’re active, and the plastic tends to ride-up causing the lower tapes to stick to the skin. Again, way better than most of the products in the price range, but not in the same category of awesomeness as the Dry 24/7 or Abri-form etc.
Closing thoughts
I’m a little biased on these diapers, these are my overall favorite and I’ve been wearing them pretty exclusively as my nighttime diaper for over a year. The bouquet of these diapers are why I always come back to them, the crinkles, the feel of the plastic, when ATN’s and babypowder come together the smell is enchanting, I love everything about these diapers and can put up with the little quirks. Give them a try if you haven’t, they make a good companion diaper to a fancier brand, a more disposable disposable than others, and fit wonderfully over  smaller diapers. Don’t write this brand off, they get a seal of approval from me ❤
Additional Review Note…
I’ve been linking to throughout this post for price/product references, I often order my ATN’s through them (through Amazon) and have had good experiences, but I am no way affiliated with them, buy at your own risk! One of my most often asked question is “Where do you get your crinkles?” and I’m working on a definitive answer, input is appreciated!
Tomorrow is my birthday! It’s actually just about to be my birthday, i’m all cuddled up at my apartment with my birthday bunny in my arms and a ATN on my booty, listening to the Almost Famous soundtrack and writing a crinkly post, then it’s off to bed with bear ❤ I'll be showing off my apartment in a new video tomorrow, thanks for reading and for being a part of my life! I can't thank you enough for the kindness my readers have shown, keeps me motivated to make more crinkly videos and posts just like this one! Thanks also to Paige from TheDailyCrinkle for helping demonstrate some advanced diapering methods ❤
More stuff soon!!!

12 thoughts on “Tranquilty ATN

  1. Riley,

    So the Tranquility ATN is good as a night diaper? I'd pretty much given up on disposables after the third night of wet sheets in a row, and switched to cloth. But if there are some disposables out there with the same level of absorbency as my cloth ones, they'd be perfect for travel.

  2. You are both adorable PLEASE make some cute videos with pampers cruisers!!! Would u ever punish Paige if she was a naughty little girl?

  3. Hi,

    The stuffed animal paige is playing with, is a hedgehog. I wonder that you get them in the US, as actual hedgehogs only live in europe. I have several stuffed hedgehogs myself.


    hedgehog and piggy collector

  4. Happy Birthday! My birthday is Feb 27 too! that is such a coincidence! I can be found on fetlife at mvinyl2010

    Take care!


  5. I have also worn ATN's for a couple of years now .I put on a Tena ultra with an ATN over top which makes for a thick crinkly diaper !

  6. This diaper sucks unless including an absorbant booster pad OS used. And even then it leaks onto bed. What truly is the best absorbing diaper out there ? Not Abena as it to leaks via the leg gathers too. Also, ATM and Abena tear real sadly too. Tapes just tears. No good!

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