Quivers Revisited

I woke up this morning with a strong desire to have something in me. My mind wandered to a couple places, first to a couple internet dating sites to fantasize about what it would be like to have a daddy… then to some kinky sites to fantasize about what daddy would do to me… then some stuff about bondage & enemas… then my mind came back to this video. I really like it, and have recently written a Behind-the-Scenes recollection of the kinky, hands-free cumming from my “Quivers” video.
Bit of a sample…
 I love having a plug in and dry humping something, but that still entails friction, I wanted my free-standing unit to burst forth with cum all by anal stimulation. After about 2 hours, it did, and I was a properly fucked quivering mass of girl jelly. Here’s how I did it…”

Visit StayKinky.com for the full post!

Watch the video, read my words, and if you’re in Los Angeles (or in SF from the 5th-10th of this month) and you’re not a scumbag, send me a letter on my newly updated and working contact form! I also have a P.O. box now, so if you’ve been having trouble with PayPal or Amazon or want to communicate by sending physical letters, let me know ❤ I'm clearing out much of my old email in an attempt to make things manageable, many of the letters I send out are returned by daemons which makes talking to readers seem a bit futile.

Thoughts on hormones, Abenas, coloring books and more smut coming soon! Visit the link, enjoy the video, you might learn something new and fun!

5 thoughts on “Quivers Revisited

  1. As a guy, I haven't had any luck coming while using an anal toy and without touching my penis, except recently I bought an inflatable buttplug, and a few times I was able to come without touching my penis at all, and while it was completely flaccid. I was watching porn with a vibrator taped to my taint and nipple suckers on. Have you ever used an inflatable buttplug before?

  2. I get that feeling a whole lot but since I have a friend staying at my place and I sleep in the living room I don't get that chance. :/ Heck, just last night I got interrupted just while I was in the middle of stroking and then again this morning.
    Speaking of Abena's: Have you tried the M4 ones?

  3. Wow I just found this blog and think it's amazing I wish that more people had the courage to be as out spoken about this type of life style

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