where, when and with whom

Hey there! I’ve been a busy young lady lately! Lots of adventure, self-realization, exciting propositions and new ideas! Life is good, I’ve been burning my little candle at both ends, but I finally have a morning to myself. I’m in my crinkles and footy, feeling very cute and cuddly, so make sure to imagine me that way while you read these words… maybe this pic will help 😛

OOooooOOooooo Marshmallows! For those completely in the dark as to why I am suddenly modeling with something fluffy and white other than diapers… “the Marshmallow trick” is a little thing some extra-kinky diapered folks have been known to experiment with. It’s no more complicated than putting some marshmallows in your bottom, crinkling up and letting your body get all confused and having a little messy accident shortly after. There’s a little more to it than that, I’ll be laying down a concise, often-too-graphic explanation (much as I did with anal orgasms in this post) of the whole experience, and hopefully will clear up some misconceptions. When the diapered community looks back on the spring of 2012, I want them to think of marshmallows in their butts.

In the picture I’m wearing a little girl pull-up, the easy-ups by pampers, its really cute and fits me 🙂 I have lots of new diapers to show you, expect a review of Abena S4’s, Tena Classic Briefs, Huggies Size 6 Overnights, Attends Medium (CRINKLES!!!) and even some funky diapers i’ve never seen before. This is an exciting time for me, I have focus, diapers, an exciting trip next month and I feel really beautiful right now ❤ This trip is going to be to CapCon, I’ll be doing a presentation there, won’t you join us? It’s in Chicago, it looks like a great event with some really wonderful people coming. I’ll be sharing stories and I’m planning a really special experience, I hope to see many friends and new friendly faces ❤

Another exciting thing… I’m going to be doing a webchat tomorrow night (Friday the 23rd)! Join me here (i’ll post a TinyChat link) at 10pm EST for the free webchat – this one is going to be a little different, I’ll be a little less “little”, we’ll be discussing diapers, wetting, all that good stuff, but with a little more interaction. I’ll be taking questions throughout the hour about all aspects of gender/diapers/life, I’m hoping to learn and share with the always interesting folks in the room. At 11pm I’ll be switching over to Ifriends, taking off my diapers and getting into a little costume kinda like this one…

…and being a naughty girl. Ifriends is not free but it’s much more naked, I have my toys and little outfits and everything, I plan on getting all sexy, showing off my big-girl side. I’m really looking forward to trying this, I love being on Cam and so rarely find the time, tomorrow night will be lots of fun ❤ 
Check out the site tomorrow night, Mommys and Daddys bring your littles to the 10 or call the crinkle-sitter for the 11, it gets a little blue… More stuff sooooon! Hope all is well and StayDiapered!~

6 thoughts on “where, when and with whom

  1. So your going to post an explanation of the marshmallow trick at some point or you did post. Just can't say for sure that i could understand the post correctly. Mostly just curious if it actually works and your one that usually truthful

  2. @Anonymous The long story short, marshmallows have glycerin in them, which works as a laxative. So the easiest way is to stick 'em in the freezer, lube them up, insert them, and put on a diaper. They'll eventually cause your bowels to move (like, 15 min or so) when the glycerin gets dissolved.

    And @Riley, iFriends seems really sketchy. You can't even register without providing credit card details. Frankly, I don't see their “free membership” as trustworthy following this small detail.

  3. @Anonymous – Ifriends isn't exactly sketchy, it's just a paysite, they don't want you on there unless you have an intention of paying at some point. Come use the free and easy Tinychat until I go over to Ifriends <3

    I will be posting a further explanation to the Marshmallow trick soon, with pictures and more than a couple sentences <3 I also wonder, what ingredient in the Marshmallow has glycerin in it, my Marshies don't have that in the ingredient list...

    “glycerin is used as a humectant to retain moisture in marshmallows. Glycerin gives marshmallows their soft, gooey texture.”

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