Marshmallow Manifesto

Hello internet!
It’s the future ya’know?
 Here in the future, all information is in infographics.
Even naughty information, like this pic explaining the Marshmallow Trick ❤
Had a lovely time making this, hope you like it! 
More stuff soon ❤

14 thoughts on “Marshmallow Manifesto

  1. Very interesting Riley…I wish u had a video to go along with this :/ GREAT POST keep up the amazing work!!!

  2. sounds interesting, i may have to try this some time, i do not usually mess myself (i have bladder incontinence and occasional bowel) i wear diapers 24/7 and sometimes i would like to try and see what a full messing would be like. This may be the key to that.

  3. I just bought a bag of marshmellows and put them in the freezer. After reading this sticky mess I had to try it. 5 min. ago I just loaded 6 marshmellows and now felling them melting into a sticky mess. want to tell you it is felling like the real thing with out the smell. My diaper is getting full and sticky I recomand try this if you are a diaprer lover. As I am writing this I am pushing them out. I am ready to go to bed and going to wake to a sticky mess. I will comment again tomarrow when I change.

  4. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I just tried it. I was already well pooped up and I managed to insert 12 marshmallows (pink of course!). I dressed again, and I lasted just on 20 minutes, barely holding it in. Then the marshies began to slip out, very pleasant. They lubricated the whole system, so a big soft poo followed. What a delicious experience. Must try it again!

  5. Here's a variant you might like to try: a mix of marshmallows and dark chocolate squares! I alternated marshmallow and chocolate until I had 18 normal marshies and 12 chocolate squares up my bum. After re-dressing, I lasted only 10 minutes till the first one could not be held back at all. Over the next 15 minutes, they slid out with just the gentlest of pushing. The chocolate melted nicely! At the end, there was an amazing squishy pile of poo-like chocolate with pink and white blobs in it: felt great and smelled not bad. Be warned though: its very sticky and messy to clean up, but worth it. Give it a try!

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