the ups and downs of bedwetting

Hello internet! 
I’m up early after a particularly wet morning, I’m back in my diapers after going to bed without, It was early and I was dozy & holding my bear, thinking I had my diapers on… It was still dark when I was bundling up my sheets, felt kinda sad so I diapered up and gave my bears lots of hugs and played a mobile game for a bit until the sun came up and I started my day ❤
I’m 2 weeks away from Chicago! I’ll be returning back to LA around the end of the month, i’m doing Riley Kilo’s Crinkle & Cuddle Hour (title pending) at CapCon, it’s going to be tons of fun! It’ll be great to see my East Coast friends and meet a ton of new people, I’m reaaaaallly looking forward to being able to do a live *thing*, I have some good ideas and think it’ll be a really cool experience.
And now a couple pics! I’d like to think I was just dressing up and asking a friend for advice, but I was just showing off, feeling cute, it’s nice to take a moment out of my day to feel pretty, especially after feeling wet and alone. I’m out-of-Burbank for the weekend but look for a post sometime, maybe just a quick pic of my crinkly bottom 😛 

More stuff soon. Thanks for reading ❤

One thought on “the ups and downs of bedwetting

  1. I like how you look in the 2nd photo, not entirely sure if its mostly the dress or that you've tied your hair back that's most important.
    Not the best photo, but hey, we can't get perfect pics all the time.

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