What a wonderful trip to SF! Good times with friends, awesome shoot with PamperedPenny and a grip of cool crinkly girls! Now a big glass of Orange Juice at a favorite SF cafe then back to Hollywood! Life is good! I love you all, everyone who’s ever visited this site, seriously, cuddles for everyone! More stuff soon!

3 thoughts on “Wonderful!

  1. Hey there Riley great to have you back again i have missed you and love you too iam glad you had a good time and are back safely any photos of your trip please make a video soon cuddles to you too talk to you soon.

  2. Hi there:) I like your blogg, and you are a cute little girl to. Like your eyes and smile, but i like all about you:D You are strong and still going strong and keep going, i have only good thing to say you.

    Do you visit the swedish abdl site? http://www.abdlscandinavia.com/ i think you get some new friends there too. I am a member there:)

    you are really cute

    Best regards


  3. Sorry I missed you when you were in SF! Too bad you weren't in town for the Littles Munch. 😦 I happen to be currently watching the Discovery Health show you recorded and as soon as you popped up on the screen I thought, “Hey! I've met that little girl!” You look adorable on the show and I'm simply in love with your room 🙂 I hope life's treating you well. Take care of yourself and hopefully next time you're in the Bay Area you'll make it to the Littles Munch again 🙂

    Miss Lola Sunshine

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