This is a little supplementary post to my Vegas adventure. The last post was tell, this is show ❤

I arrived in Vegas to meet with a friend, I packed a cute outfit or two, my powder and my crinkles, I was ready! See, I was visiting a friend who shares my adoration for *protection* and so we made plans to go out on a little diapered adventure. My friend I was visiting made sure I had my Attends and plastic pants and even a cool pair of cotton bloomers from NeverGrownUp on. I was a properly padded young lady ❤

It was a very nice day so I wore a skirt, skirts are fun because they’re  breezy and they hide diapers better than jeans, especially if you wear a poofy one like mine. My skirt says Disney on the tag and it’s not for grown-ups 😛  You could sometimes here me crinkle if it was quiet, but it was rarely quiet. It would be really easy to check my diapers if you just snuck your hand under and even slipped a finger inside my plastic pants to see how wet I was. I was definitley being a wet girl, It was hot so I was keeping more  hydrated then usual, and I had been wearing diapers for the last week or so 24/7, I couldn’t help myself from wetting pretty much non-stop 😛 Luckily there were plenty of diapers for me ❤

I can get kinda excited in my diapers when i’m out, sometimes I forget i’m wearing them, but this occasion I couldn’t help but let the diapers and little-ness seep into my personality, I would giggle and smile and just enjoyed the atmosphere. I was feeling very affectionate, cuddly, crinkly, I wet before I even left the hotel, I’m awful, prone to wetting as soon as you change me 😛 That’s why I need thick diapers like Attends (or Attends with a stuffer) because changing me all the time can be a chore. Take notes daddies 😛

There were lots of neat people and cool stuff to see! This little diaper girls has no natural inclination to gamble but there was a Batman machine, Gotham is still in peril, my dollar didn’t change anything 😦 I love walking around cities, seeing the sites, the uniqueness of it all, the diversity of architecture & customs, seeing others experience this, I love it all. I wear socks and tennis shoes so I can walk around alllll day.
        not pictured: the expressions of the other people in the elevator >>>

Shortly after seeing the Bellagio and the Venetian I was soaked and needed to be taken back for a change. All the waterfalls must have gotten to me… I waddled back to the hotel and got a fresh pair of Attends ❤
Sometimes I get a little pouty and fussy when i’m wet, but once I get back into a clean diaper I get all smiley again ❤

Next was Treasure Island, I remember coming here years ago but was still amazed by all lights, changes, events, pirate strippers, crowds! I had a beer which didn’t help me stay any dryer, I played some pinball (my favorite game in the world) and watched the big pirate battle. I felt kinda naughty wetting my diapers, holding my friend by the arm wetting my diapers while all the noises distract the audience. I made sure not to leak, but I was tuckered out and needed to get all ready for bed ❤

I wore some really neat plastic panties that kinda felt like latex but was polyurethane, it had snaps on the front so it was easier to change. I had a double-stuffed attend with a baby diaper and had no doubts I was protected from a hefty “you wet the hotel bed” fee. I was already pretty soaked before bed (again, I can’t help but wet when i’m diapered!) so I felt my little wet pants, sucked my thumb and dozed off to diaper dreamland ❤ It was a wonderful adventure and I look forward to sharing more with you soon! This is the second to last Vegas post, more stuff soon ❤ Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “supple

  1. Riley Riley Riley your so sexy I love the photos especially the ones with your plastic pants are they leak master pants I really want to hug you the story is brilliant.

  2. Another wonderful post in the adventures of Riley. Thank you dearly for sharing and showing off your pics!! Truly loved them all.

  3. Riley, it always makes me happy to see you posting. Your strength and commitment to the many communities that you're involved in inspires a great many people.

    I've gotten a lot more involved with activism as a result of your work, and I'm sure that there are many other similar stories to mine out there. I thought you should know that.

    Side note: if you're frequently maintaining your wearing lifestyle 24/7 as of late, does that mean you've…relented a bit on your usage stance?

  4. she would be even cuter if she had on a short poofy white dress,veil,lace socks and mary jane shoes.the dress would be short enough so her diaper and plastic pants sticks out under neath.

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