the last time anyone

This is the last time anyone saw ##### ########

A few weeks ago I changed my name at the Social Security office here in Los Angeles. My drivers lic. has my chosen name and *F* on it and now I have a S.S. card with my name on it. Pretty awesome feeling, I wanted to share it with you. I got in the elevator and as soon as my reflection left the mirror, so did part of me. I took a deep breath and something more confident, more positive, more me filled that space.

I am getting lasers shot at me today. I started electrolysis in NY on my ::ahem:: breasts though I’m not sure why I didn’t continue, I think the redness etc was a bother at the time. I’m slowing down on my adventures so have time to focus on some positive things like this, my transition, my health, my heart ❤

If you’re interested in getting your name changed, ask your local GLBT center or even check here as many states have applications available online. If you’re in NYC, check out the TLDEF, they processed my name change pro-bono, very professional group. This is another step in the process, a friend recently posed with their name change papers in a tweet and it made me smile, I think transition is a wonderful thing, I get teary-eyed happy and proud when I see others reaching those landmarks ❤

Be well friends! I’m a very happy girl and though I may go by different names, you can always call me Riley (or snugglebutt, cuddlebunny, pottypants…) ❤ Moaaar stuff soon, diapers on the red carpet next post!

7 thoughts on “the last time anyone

  1. Hey there Riley iam delighted you have reached this mile post in your life I know it's important ,I suppose we can change many things about ourselves our hair our colour our name our gender but one thing remains constant is inside us in our heart, when you look in the mirror look into your own eyes look past all you have changed and there looking back at you is the real you the person you want to be the lady In you with the cute smile waiting to get out, your a candle in the darkness for a lot of people Riley don't give up your quest be happy on the inside and the outside of yourself and when you look at that person in the mirror will you give her a wink from me, hugs to you.

  2. I'm so glad to hear this from you. Now that you have your new identity in order, I hope everything will turned out great for you and your journey. I wish you good health and great luck. May the world be kind to you ^^


    Robin P

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