Here’s something

Hey there everyone! I wanted to check up on you for a moment and not let you drift away from me. I have a couple exciting new posts coming up but I can’t seem to finish them, as I’m a terrible blogger. So all you get today is a couple more pictures in that cute weird hoody thing. I found it at a thrift store and its awfully soft and looks like its made out of the same tuff as sleepers, I kinda like hoods on loungey type clothes. I hope you like the pics ❤

So yeah, i’m feeling good, optimistic, enjoy the crinkles, exciting stuff soon, laser was pssshhh nothin’ and I’ll be filling you in on the details!, a new health blog i’m working on will be fully realized this summer, so look out for that good stuff <3Hugs! More stuff soon!

5 thoughts on “Here’s something

  1. Cute piccies. I like how you get the ricochet shot to your diapered bottom.

    Hey, my dumb eyeballs didn't notice the froggies on the hoodie before!

    I guess the froggy is saying, “It's not easy being green. So I might as well go pink.”

  2. I love love LOVE these pics, Riley. Very VERY cute. I can not emphasize this enough. I liked the first pic, the crinkle looked thick from that angle. Both pics are awesome though.


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