I’m standing outside of The RevMel Show, waiting for the rest of the group discussing littles to show up. Honestly, I know so little about this that I’m not sure whats about to happen, a local mommy posted an announcement on Fetlife that they were to be on the show talking about littles and that if anyone wanted to join they could. I wrote her and just now read her response, she’d be happy to have me. I’m excited, nervous, looking forward to saying my piece.

It’s the next morning, the show was lovely, had a good time, met a new crinkly friend. It was good, I don’t think there were any profound revelations though minds were inevitably opened. It was positive, not a negative environment as I’ve experienced in past media outings. I do think it’s important to educate within the community, there’s some folks with iron-clad beliefs about kink, fetish fundamentalists if you can believe it. These mindsets can point people in wrong directions, give wrong ideas, even be discriminatory. I’ve felt the slings and arrows of that backwards thought, some kinksters don’t like my diapers, some transpeople don’t like my kink or diapers, some diapered folks and kinksters don’t like my gender expression, it’s a hot mess that doesn’t do anyone any good.

This blog has been pretty serious the last few posts, I’ve been a little down with Fathers Day, money issues, life stresses, bits of loneliness, the trials and tribulations of being a single, entrepreneurial transgirl. I tend to look at things from the big picture, like i’m flying above the earth, every feeling and emotion is within my peripheral grasp. I know i’ll be happy again, I am happy writing these words, there is beauty in every moment, even the sad ones, even in repressed memories, even in the moments that haven’t happened yet.

Flying above the earth, taking it all in sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This video will do for now… Sit back, smile, and enjoy a little flight around this ball full of oceans and some mountains ❤ More stuff soon!

6 thoughts on “Flarblegarble

  1. Riley,

    I wouldn't worry about the na sayers that have a problem with anything you do. We all love you just as you are, a diaper loving transginder soon to be baby girl. 🙂

  2. Hey there Riley since when did you worry about what other people think pretend your high up in the sky looking down on all those negative people and just say stuff them all.here's a laugh for you do you know what idid today ? I went to work wearing two pairs of Tena pull up pants covered with seven pairs of plastic pants it felt so good I soaked them through it was just a moment of madness but it was my moment so love yourself Riley as much as we love you.

  3. Wow, nice vid! I love the thunderstorms most of all.

    And the Aurora Borealis. Why do they call her Aurora Borealis? She's not boring at all. She's pretty! They should call her Aurora Pretty Alice.

    Anyway, it's nice to hear you were on another show. It must be cause you're such a charming, smart, photogenic baby. Keep up all your good work!

  4. lol, agreed on all points, the thunderstorms were realllllly cool and Aurora Pretty Alice is a much better name <3

    thanks for the kind words, more smiley posts soon ❤

  5. Riley you have nothing to hate yourself for someone told me once that no matter what has been said or done to hurt you if you can find it in your heart to forgive them and really mean it you can move on but if you hold a grudge they are still hurting you and then if you live your life without been bad or hurtful to anyone else you will be as happy as you can be ,chin up girl and don't be sad lots of hugs.

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