Pampered Princess Pageant

Hey there friends! I have a fun little post for you today about a recent little trip to the wonderful city of San Francisco. I wasn’t there to eat chowder out of bread bowls or roll down hills in Dolores park, I was there to wear diapers and see if I can prove I’m the cutest little princess of them all ❤

The Pampered Princess Pageant is a traditional contest of poise, diction and proper crinkly etiquette. The lovely Penny Barber plays pageant mom for a group of littles of different ageplay ages and brattyness, diaper changes and naughty times ensue.

From left to right – @RileyBBQ – @AlexxaBound – @KittyStryker – @xBiancaStonex
Photo taken by our host @PamperedPenny
I had a lovely time, the first part of the video is out on Penny’s Clips4Sale account! I had a lovely time making it, and there’s 3 categories for winners, you can vote for me on in one or all of the categories, just look on the right sidebar and scroll down. The contest runs all month and “repeat voting” is allowed apparently, so vote everyday! There’s a cash prize if I win, so vote, vote, vote~!
It was a lovely shoot, one of those times that I realize that life is pretty awesome after all, though there was one wonderful moment that really proved to me that this was a shoot for real diaper girls. One of the pageant contestents (though i won’t say which one) was chatting while I was getting dressed after the shoot, she was all ready w/ backpack and street clothes but I was still just in my diaper from the shoot. I was pulling my jeans over my already a little wet Bambino when she chimed in “Oh, you’re wearing your diapers home?” I kinda shyly replied with a “yeah, i like em’ <3", she smiled and said "i'm wearing mine home too!" and pulled up her shirt a to show the waistband of a little pink goodnite. The cuteness overtook me, I swooned, and for the rest of the day (and the day after…) I couldn't get the image of my little diapered friend riding the Muni home in her crinkles, so cute!

 Check out the videos, please vote for the girl you think is the cutest little diapered princess, I do hope you think its me ❤ Big hugs and more stuff soon!


Diapers on the red carpet

I feel like I should say this, this post is going to evoke mixed emotions and you may want to opt-out if you’re feeling sensitive. As a person who loves diapers it can be tough seeing yourself in the eyes of the mainstream, the suggestive and subliminal aspects of TV commercials can bugger a negative message into your emotional state.
This is a disclaimer, viewer discretion advised. 
Before I start getting into it, watch this video…
What we see here is 3 football players trying on the new Depends. There’s a few pretty glaring things here that kinda make my tummy turn over, things that were done to maintain the “dignity” of the actors. There’s still a strong undertone of shame in this one, moreso than the female version of the ad. I’d like to partake in the internet hobby of dissecting advertisements for things we like and talk about this video a bit.

Honestly, this commercial blew my mind when I first saw it. A friend told me to check it out, I couldn’t imagine if I was in a waiting room (the rare time I watch TV) and this popped up, it’s a pretty bold advertisement. Depends is now promoting a new line of boy/girl discreet undies under the banner of “The Great American Try-on”, they’re trying to get everyone in America to try on a pair of diapers, much as I’ve been doing since Oct. 06. It’s a great campaign, respect to the ad agency ::bites tongue:: who overcame the nearly impossible task of making adult diapers seem even slightly “hip”. I assumed diaper ads would stay in the dark ages, Tena has made a number of commercials promoting peeing your pants and staying protected if the need arises. Those commercials are pretty progressive, cool, but not pro-football player or Hollywood red carpet cool. Diaper ads still often feature octogenarians riding bikes and are focused towards seniors, they’re often embarrassing for everyone involved, likethis SNL commercial.  These new commercials are flashy, modern, but do little to actually make folks feel better about wearing diapers.

“I know you don’t need these, but would you try them on, for charity?”
“no way, naw, for charity? Ok!!!”

What does it take to get a football star into diapers? Curing cancer is the carrot on the stick here (the selfish bastards) and doing silly stuff for charity is merely a part of being a celebrity, it’s cool, but they’re not showing so much humility.  I would love to see the board room where they fandangled how to get jocks and beauty queens into pampers, writing agents saying “what is it going to take to get your client into a Depend?”. I feel that highlighting the charity aspects is a bit of a diss to it’s consumers and shows the celebrities as insecure people who want to make damn sure that we know they don’t wear diapers. Here’s another longer video, where the players get a chance to show their eloquence, it is awkward.

Here’s the second commercial, starring a soap actress and her husband, Harry “Perseus” Hamlin

There’s that feeling of watching something that you don’t quiet understand, like the first time you step into a dungeon party or see someone eat an entire canned ham at a bus stop, that feeling of wonder/horror. I thought “I am I really seeing this? Did Harry Hamlin just feel up his diapered wife? Does that mic really have a Depends flag on it? Did I eat pizza before bed and am just dreaming all this madness?”

There’s one shot in particular, after she talks about the cottony-comfort, the camera cuts to her face and she give this little devilish expression, “and they’re so soft ::wink::” like its a little secret between us girls. I think using a soap actress was a good idea, as I assume older people know who she is without the use of wikipedia. Its silly but not so shameful, though I do have issues with the misanthropy of her being a “champion for women’s confidence”, who seriously calls themselves that? I dig that Dress for Success provides threads for the less fortunate to employ themselves (kinda like boosters) but the messag here is so-called strength comes from aesthetics, how much of this persons confidence comes from youthening facial injection? Confidence comes from within, from self-worth, not these standardized concepts of beauty, they are fleeting.  Ads shame the viewer by presenting a alternative reality that will always exceed our own, we’re intended to look at our own pathetic lives and think the product is the key to ending our dispair. This all happens subliminally a TV heavy diet can ruin ones confidence because of these types of messages, making you emotionally dependent on products, scary. If I were in her shiny shoes, my confidence would come from sweaty Harry Hamlin sex, I totally have a daddy thing for him…. and Greg Kinnear…

Honestly, thats what got me about these commercials. I’ve always had issues with diapers when i’m wearing my evening clothes, this would be a good solution if A.) I had a vagina and B.) if depends weren’t the McDonalds of diapers, literally the worst thing possible for your bathroom habits, but sometimes its the only thing around. I personally think the Tranquility Slimlines are better for heavy wetters like me during the evening, these products are made for laugh-peeing, stepping out of car peeing, little bits of bladder leakage not big wettings like this little girl makes. Its just another bid by K-C to sell their awful brand to unwitting customers, its a step in the right direction for acceptance, but still has its flaws. Here’s another one that’s a little less friendly but the dress falling over the diaper is a fapworthy frame if you’re low on pictures of girls in diapers. I honestly think this commercial exponentially increases my chances of finding a partner, I’ll say “look, diapergirls can be elegant too!”

I’m not going to teach the world to love diapers, nor is any other blog or TV commercial. If you like diapers, you like diapers, simple as that, I imagine a future where AB/DL gets to the point of relevance that there’s two kinds of people, those who wear due to lack of continence and those who identify as diapergirls/diaperboys/diapered people, allowing a great deal of overlap and migration between the two. It makes me smile when I look into the mirror and think “I’m a diapergirl!” I’m just a girl who needs her diapers, i’m not incontinent, lazy or afflicted, diapers are a entirely positive thing in my life. I just need diapers because that’s who I am, it improves my quality of life and I have every right to do it, hooray!

It makes me very happy to share these words with you, so happy that i pee’d a little writing that last paragraph. I hope this post has opened your eyes to the effects of advertising on ones emotional state, the quick cuts and the gloss of it all will trick your brain, be careful, know that it’s all lies told by people who believe them. Watching these commercials, you’d think there were only boys and girls, and that boys are tough and don’t like color and girls need to look pretty in a dress to feel confident, that’s the mainstream for ya. Adbusters is a fringe group that does interesting work in the truth in advertising field, I implore you to check them out. Cuddly thoughts of crinkles in the mainstream, think how unique you are for smirking at this commercial, in everyone reading this is the knowledge that this is totally OK, some just need to unlock it. Myself and many other crinkly people are in your corner ❤

A few final thoughts.
1.) I think Anne Hathaway, Greg Kinnear and Mo from Guts should all do this commercial.
 2.) Visit and order a free sample if you’re curious, which I know you are.
3.) I masturbated to the video of the football guys. Not sure why.

Ok, one more… Love you all, thanks for reading, more stuff soon, thoughts on Goodnites, lasers & my masturbation tactics over the last 15 years. I ordered a sample and will be talking about these more soon. Big hugs and let’s all look forward to saying “I wore diapers before they were cool” ❤