Crinklebell pt. 1

This is what I wore to Disneyland!

I was so excited to go I just knew I was going to wet my tights, so I had to wear a big, thick diaper ❤
I was wearing an Attends in these pictures, but it was extra thick because it had a stuffer :0
I was feeling really cute in my little pink skirt, it was a warm day so I made sure to use lots of powder! I poofed powder all over when I would pat my diapers 😛 I couldn’t help squirm and squeal and jump up and down! Disney! I was going to see princesses and go on rides and hangout with robots! I had french toast and it was really good but it got me even more excited! I could see the top of scary Space Mountain from the windows of the french toastery, I bounced up and down but was a good girl and didn’t fuss too much. I had waited for a long, long, long time to have good disney memories, and I was crinkled, pleated and sunscreened up for a lovely day! 
I was such a happy little girl ❤

 More stuff soon! I’m on the road to Arizona for family stuffs, good chance for bonding! More thoughts soon, tinkerbell stuff will come later than sooner as I won’t have access to my computer until Tuesday!~ Thanks for reading, hugs everyone!

6 thoughts on “Crinklebell pt. 1

  1. Thank you kindly for sharing. You look very pretty. And if I may say so that diaper looks great addition to your outfit.

    Awesome pics great blog please keep up the great work.

  2. You look so cute in your little outfit sweetie. I really think you should have had a pair of plastic panties over your diapers just incase. I hope you took a few extra diapers along just incase you needed a diaper change with all the excitement and all at Disney I’m sure you wet your diaper a few times which is expected from a little girl like you. The hardest part about Disney is keeping the baby bottle chilled so the milk won’t spoil. As far as diaper changes go there are plenty of diaper changing stations mommy can choose from.

  3. Teaser teaser 😛 lol… Love the new layout. It's 🙂 pretty. Looking forward to some more pics. Been to Disney world in FL. along time ago. It was a blast. Had chances to go again but, couldn't do some certain situations. Hope to go back again some day.

    Keep up the great work. You're looking pretty cute 😛 teaser teaser lol…

  4. Now when you are with your family, do also wear protection as you always do, and are you dressed as you would at any other time, or are you respectful of your family and not be as you want to be around them?

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