I’m going to tease you a little bit. I’m a bit of a tease I have to admit, I can’t help myself… This time i’m not being a tease by seductively pulling my skirt up and showing off my diapers, though I have been known to do both. I’m being a tease because I have lots of cute diaper pictures and tons of cute diaper stories, but instead i’m showing you pictures of a stuffy old museum. Consider this post that car ride to Disneyland, you get so smiley and excited that you forget to hold it… I’m sure i’m not the only little girl to pee their pants when they see the freeway exit that says “Disneyland”.

Getty is hardly stuffy, and though many of the exhibits are old, the building stands somewhere between the ruins of ancient greece, stone castles and the world of tomorrow. I found the building itself, with its grandness and the view of Los Angeles more fascinating than the galleries within. You have to take a tram to even get to the building, it’s a wonderfully isolated place. Though its beyond cliché at this point, I couldn’t help but consider how useful a fortress like this would be in a zombie situation 🙂

I’ve always been into art appreciation and though I’d like to put out a bunch of names to check out, I think its best to seek out your favorite artists for yourself! Exploring an artists catalogue can be quiet an adventure, if you’re into edgier art like me, be sure yo visit your local Museum of Modern Art I will name one artist, Basquiat has been a prominent artist in recent conversations, check their story out. Regardless of your experience with fine art, the Getty is as a friend put it “a Los Angeles Gem”

So yeah! Those are some pictures. You’ve been very good to sit quietly while I show you slides of my vacation, if I was there i’d kiss your forehead or pat your crinkly bottom 😛 i’ve got tinkerbell pictures coming soon and i’m leaving for a weeekend in Arizona tomorrow. It’s been hot here in LA, so I figured i’d cool down by heading into the middle of the desert! Behind me in the picture below is a lovely view of LA, which I will miss! ❤

I’ll end this post with thoughts of the strange places our friends and families take us, and how important those journeys can be ❤ Hugs! —-and maybe a couple pre-Disneyland diaper pictures

One thought on “Gettease

  1. Los angeles seems like a beautiful place to visit, the view looks fantastic.

    i like that sunhat, you look very cute in it 🙂

    greeting from belgium

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