Crinklebell pt 3

I hope you like posts, because i’ve got a big one for ya

I was standing at the front gates of the land of Disney. ::takes a deep breath:: ok, I know Disney has a history of racism, anti-semitism, and sexism but we’re going to forget about that for now and focus on the good parts, as my friend Spacey said, it shows how a company can really change and progress into the modern era, though I do have criticisms of current Disney practices… Also, don’t goto Disneyland in fetish gear, or any public place for that matter. Be discreet! I spend most of the year as an advocate, today I just wanna be a little girl in my tinkerbell diapers! ::exhales::

 I was standing at the front gates of the land of Disney. I had my ticket and was waiting in line to get into the happiest place on earth. I had my pink pleated skirt and my strappy little top and a thickly diapered bottom, I was wearing an attends under my tights, I was dry because I had a change before the park. I was so excited! I had a big floppy hat to cover my lily white skin and a big crinkly diaper to cover my lily white booty 😛 The above picture was me early in the morning, I changed myself into a thicker diaper, which I pee’d by the time I got to the hotel 😛 Below is a pic of me being a pouty, smiley, crinkly girl after changing into my pre-Disney diaper 😛

My friend was visiting and hadn’t seen the park since they were very little, I hadn’t been in years as well. Lets pretend that you are my visiting friend! I’ll refer to them as you, us as we, ok?  So…

We walked all over the park, holding hands in the crowds as it was terribly busy. We went on a monday, figuring it would be the best time but it was still really busy, a strong hand holding onto my slender little fingers is very reassuring amongst the crowds. You and I walked down the cobblestone streets of Main Street USA. It was sunny sunny sunny outside so we ducked into a little theater (old-style theatres are a lifelong love of mine) and watched a few black and white Disney movies in an air conditioned room… You put your hand on the small of my back in this dark, empty room. I kissed you on the cheek and we silently enjoyed this bit of history.

Coming out into the brightness of the SoCal sun, I bounced up and down and pleaded, ” lets go on star tours! Itz my favorite!”. We waited in a long long line and looked at all the cool Star Wars stuff, at one moment in the quei you looked into my eyes and you could tell I was concentrating, this very content look in my eyes that I get when I was peeing my diapers.

The flight crew loaded us onto our little shuttle and we had our little space adventure. I was being a litttle pouty afterwards because I was a wet little one, you asked if I could go on one more ride before you took me back for a change… I reluctantly nodded my head and saw a kind short line to the TeaCups, we hopped on and your camera caught this cute little picture

I was feeling a little soggy, spinny after the ride… you’d think after 26 years i’d be used to the spin 🙂 This wet little girl tugged on the corner of your shirt pleading “I need a diaper change!” in the sunny busyness of the park. Your arms came over my shoulders and you held my tiny, wet-self against you for a moment, and the we began the waddle back to the hotel, which was less than 15 mins from the front gates of Disney. We got back to the place and I was soaked! You made me take my skirt off and show you the soggy mess I had become.

                                                                   I was frowny at first but then I got smiley 🙂

You made me turn around so you could see how wet I was… I even soaked the back!

I had my fresh crinklepants on now, ready to see some cool pirates doing cool pirate stuff. We re-entered I was waiting in a long long line and a bunch of tween girls recognized me from a TV show. You quietly observe as the girls stare at me, their braces as bright as their smiles. The line moved, I tried to play it cool but you could tell the encounter kinda blew my mind, I’d write a post about it when my mind . We boarded our little boat and it was magical, that familiar disney *smell*, lots of memories, the view of the blue lagoon reminded of sad times from my past, but you hugged me close and those memories faded away, new ones formed. The drop didn’t scare me or traumatize me, you put your arm around my little shaking body as soon as the scariness was over and I felt better. Disneyland is a scary place, filled with as many skeletons as princesses, it was good to have someone huggable there.

We walked by its a small small world and I was feeling like a little little ball of snuggles! This story isn’t over yet, but it is for today… the rest of the story soooooon! Have a great Monday!

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