Crinklebell pt. 4

Aaaand we resume the story with our little diapergirl Riley boppity boo-ing around Disneyland. After fighting pirates and traveling through space, she decided to take a rest with a little jungle cruise. She wasn’t worried, as she knew you’d be by her side to fight off the snakes and robo-pirañhas. It was nice to cool off! The sun was going to be down soon and I wanted to go on the little rides before they closed. We saw Mr Toads and rode the carousel, I had lots of fun! I wanted to go on Peter Pan but I was pretty soggy, you said if I wanted to go on that ride I needed to have my pants changed first… We had our little 5 minute walk back to the hotel and stripped off my soggy wet crinkle and into my fresh Tinkerbell diapers and something a little more suited for the evening.


I had dry and freshly powdered tinkerbell diapers on and pulled my big-girl pants up, I almost felt like a grown up for a minute, but before I started thinking about paying rent or wrinkles you patted my bottom and whisked me back to the world of magic and little-ness. My tinkerbell diapers and your watchful eye kept me in little girl mode the whole time, we took the train around the park but it was dark and a little spooky, but a good moment to hold my little warm body close. You helped me off the train and we headed to Peter Pan, little Riley rabbiting alongside you the whole way. We got in line and I was so excited! I was going to see tinkerbell and wendy and tiger lily and nana! Peter Pan was always a favorite ride when I was little, NeverNeverland is a safe place away from the scary rides that *life* makes us go on. I most fondly remember the flight over London (flying over big cities enchants me still) and I couldn’t help but squee with delight seeing it again, we could see the whole city! As our ship flew alongside the Lost Boys you put your arm around my waist and we became lost ourselves. We were immersed in the adventure and for that moment we were no longer in Anaheim, we were in NeverNeverland. As we rounded the last turn, the end of our advenuture, we came upon a little fairy hollow and found… guess who…. Tinkerbell! I smiled at her and she smiled back, and in a magic little moment I swear a little fairy dust shook loose from the rafters and sprinkled down on top of our little ship…

The ride came to a close and you snapped a little picture of the happiest girl in the world. We walked around the park as the moon rose high, we rode on the space rockets and fought aliens with Buzz Lightyear, you could see in my eyes I was still thinking about Tinkerbell and the fairy dust. We snuggled up on the grass, you sipping on a lemonade and me sucking on my thumb, we watched Mickey do battle with a Dragon, which was impressive, but the princesses is what made me really sit up an pay attention. On a riverboat that would make even Fitzcarraldo jealous stood Goofy and Gaston among others, but standing at the top waving down to all the believers was the quintessential Disney princess, all decked in a tiara and a long, flowing yellow dress with poofy shoulders. Oh! To wear that dress, to spread joy to so many with just a wave,  it was a dream.

We layed together in the grass and I felt little, but I also felt small. No amount of pixie dust in the world will make me a princess I convinced myself, and you squeezed me closer when you noticed this hint of melancholy. 
I looked up to you with my little blue eyes and asked “could I be a princess someday?” 
You smiled, brought me close so I could rest my head on your shoulder, “If you believe hard enough, you can be anything you want :)” 
I nuzzled your shoulder, “Really?”
“Yes sweetie, and don’t fret, you’re already my little princess”

I looked back up at that wonderful dress and the smiling princess wearing it and cuddled closer. Just then, I couldn’t believe it, but she looked right at me and winked, as if there was something she wasn’t telling me. I blinked hard a few times and the princess was back to addressing the crowd… There was a bit of magic in the air, I didn’t know what to think so I just put my thumb in my mouth and finished watching the parade.

The park grew dark, the music died down and we made our way to the exit. I was soggy, soaked (the 2 rejected dwarves) and sleepy, we held hands on the walk back, you made sure I brushed my teeth and got into a fresh nighttime diaper, though you did take pictures of your soggy little princess first 😛

All padded, hugging my bear with you hugging me, bear always gets to be the littlest spoon 🙂 We talked for a bit about our adventure and all the fun we had, and how special you made me feel, how special I feel in your arms. I said its alright, I knew you weren’t going to be like this forever, but we have this moment, and this moment lasts forever.  I could feel your smile against my matted hair, you said that this little girl should stop waxing poetic and get some sleep!  I agreed, and as the ice cream wrappers were being swept up all over the park we drifted off to sleep on our little bed (or spaceship, or raft, or maybe it was a magic carpet?) My imagination and sense of wonder was working full speed, that can have interesting results when entering the land of dreams…

It’s not over just yet, there’s a little more of the Tinkerbell story left to tell! Sweet thoughts to all my cuddly dreamers, thanks for reading & more stuff soon!

5 thoughts on “Crinklebell pt. 4

  1. loving your pics and stories. It is so cool to see you out and about enjoying life. Keep up the posts and thanks for sharing!!

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