one more time with feeling

Hey there! Your little princess is here to tell you about something new!
I think this is maybe the 3rd post I’ve named “one more time with feeling”. I’ve been going through the archives of this site and cleaning things up a bit, redoing tags and making my older posts more accessible. I’d like to be able to revisit some of my favorite topics, self-bondage, stuffers, de-potty training, hypnotism, take some time to focus on the things that I really love about crinkly kink. It’s been good to go back, seeing some of the content I  used to post is eye opening to say the least, I don’t know very much about grammar or sentence structure but I sure knew less back then. The biggest thing that’s grown since then (besides my boobs) are the friendships i’ve made through this site. 

Friendship is a pretty awesome thing, some of my friends would even say it’s *magic*. I’m excited about this new site feature, tentatively called “RileyChat”! Basically, I’ve created a TinyChat room that crinkly friends can join, discuss, make friends and chat with me! It’ll be up indefinitely, and I may just show up unannounced here and there 🙂 It’ll be a chance to have a central location for my stories and conversations, I’ll be able to say hello easily and hangout with crinkly friends! There’s a couple webcam chatrooms (wettingwonderland etc) but this one will be just for *us*. 

Check out the rules on the chat tab and come join the fun! I don’t know if this is going to work but lets give it a try! I’ll be on and off tonight and will have scheduled times in the future for shows! It’s all free so lets have fun!

More stuff soon, staydiapered friends!

7 thoughts on “one more time with feeling

  1. Hi Riley – you say your boobs have grown – when are you going to share a photo. Haven't seen new naked pictures of you for a long time. Are you going to hookup with Wendy again?

  2. Hi Riley!

    This outfit was simply adorable, the only thing I don´t like with it is your kneeshort tights, a pair of white pantyhose had done it for me.

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