pic unrelated

Hey there friends! I was at the beach yesterday, the beauty of Santa Monica, the madness of Venice, the strong waves of an overcast day in LA. I got a sunburn, totally knocked for a loop by a wave, a veggie hot dog on the stick (actually pretty good) and most importantly, got to spend some time with my friend. I even wore a bikini top for the first time! I felt pretty cute all day, especially playing in the water, it was really freeing. I deserve a pat on the back for that bravery, but a pat on the back would hurt pretty bad right now 😦
This picture is unrelated, but I waned to share it with you as a vision of things to come. I’ve been holding onto soe pics to share and I’ll start trickling those out (down?) soon. Tomorrow is LAX and then back home, today is more fun (but less sun) – I needed to get my head straight and looking forward, the weathers cooling down a bit soon hopefully which means more crinkles for me, which means more smiles and pics and everything!
Thanks again for reading, and featured in this pic is little submissive Riley, a real posey straightjacket, institutional plastic pants over tights over a thick attends over a full bottom after an enema. 
More stuff soon! StayDiapered friends!!

5 thoughts on “pic unrelated

  1. Hey Riley! Is there any specific time when you are in the chat room? I've been trying to find you there for a while but I haven't seen you on.

  2. That is a wonderfully erotic photo Riley! Bondage, straightjackets, diapers, plastic pants, tights, enemas, rubber sheets, institutions… I love the flushed, disheveled look on your face.

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