under the covers

Hey there friends! Are you ready for some bullet points???
  • Here’s the first 4 pictures in my tinkerbell set, there’s lot more (including a video review) coming soon! 
  • I’m going to a Cancer benefit tonight! It’s a bachelorette auction I found after checking a cancer boarde on Reddit while mourning my friend. It’ll be nice to use my cute butt to raise some money, my butt sometimes feels like it’s not doing enough. Nobody knows that i’m trans there, I mentioned that it was OK that girls bid on me and the organizer was very cool, I don’t think many cancer benefits end in lynchings, honestly my biggest fear is someone recognizing me from the show. I’m fine though, I’m volunteering my time for a good cause, if i’m “found out” than I’ll hope to be known as a positive representation of trans people.
  • I haven’t been in the chat room much these days, but look for more info on that soon!
Hugs everyone!!! More crinkles and cuddles soon!!!!

I sure love my tinkerbell diapers

5 thoughts on “under the covers

  1. You reminded me of a roomie a long time ago! To me, I see 100% female.

    When I saw the word “CUDDLES”, I soooo related! I am into [finding a] http://UrbanDictionary.com/CCBR

    Best wishes in ALL your abundance! Oh, which reminds me, google: New_Thought
    (the old “Power of +/- THINKING” [manifests]). I love your positiveness!
    IF u ever want a place to live [or to help me create an ultraOPEN “puppy-pile / cuddle commune”], let me know! 😉

  2. adorable, if you bring that outfit to Capcon, I would love to get a picture me in my Peter Pan outfit, you in your Tink outfit.

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