Princess Potty Pants~

I know, I know, I was supposed to do a thing about the goodnites bed mats. I even storyboarded it, like a little crinkly Coen. No, the video’s not ready yet but it’ll be a good one – look forward to it in the next few posts!  I’m feeling better, I’m tougher than anything a granola bar could throw at me. I’m lucky, but it really makes me think about eating more naturally, granola and a bit of peanut butter, instead of peanut butter granola bars. Hugs for the kind words, the comments are now moderated and will be seen by me before posting, so if you can’t get the contact form to work, try out the comments. Now on to the diaper stuff!
For now, there’s three things I’d like to mention. 1st, I have been very much on the Goodnites agenda lately, leaving very little room for talk about other types of pull-ups. I still like the 4t-5t easy ups and pull ups, but the Goodnites are the only bedwetting panties for me. The underjams have a funky different feel to them, more like a bigger version of the toddler styles, they always end up ripping on me. 2nd, part of the reason why i’ve been more excited about pull-ups, is because I’ve been playing with more plugs lately, but that’s a different post. Thirdly, now that fall and winter are coming, that means more footys and bulky crinkles 🙂

 I’m feeling cuddly, better, hugging my bear and staying warm. I hope you are too. More crinkly stuff soon, i’m in an underjam just at this very moment and it’s not ripping just yet, feeling snuggly! I always get really snuggly when i’m not feeling well, diapers are a total coping mechanism in that regard. I wish you happy times, crinkly times – thoughts on Abdulia and Bedmats and even new SRS content! Hugggggs! 
stay cuddly friends

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