Quick one while she’s away

Hello friends! Busy Buzzy Baby Girl here to say hello, well wishes & hugs! I’ve written quiet a bit about the last few days before and the next few days ahead, but it’s all quiet scrambled and not ready yet. I’m in my hometown after the baby shower (baby baby, not adult baby), my iPad died and was brought back to life, i’m seeing my hormone doctor and getting back on track with those, all very exciting stuff. I’m going to be heading back to LA tonight so i’m going to have a crinkly camchat on the night of the 24th, 10pm EST on the Chat Tab on this site. It’ll be a costume party with Bear and I, fun and games and crinkles, you may just win something too! It’ll be fun!

 I’ll end with this picture of me bowling, trying to salvage my ego after whiffing the first ball, i’m not at home which means I can’t photoshop out the pins 😦 You’ll have to take the photo and my achievements “as is”, I may not get it right everytime, but at least i’m being honest. More stuff soon, my inbox is filled with wonderful messages, please excuse me if I haven’t answered yet, there will be time today. Hugs and hugs and more soon!

PS: Didn’t get much time for emails today, hugs everyone, more stuff sooooon! Long late night traveling tonight!

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