In Bloom

In my 26 years on this planet I feel I’ve lived multiple lives, nothing makes this more apparent than visiting my hometown. I’m not talking about boys life and girls life, but less specific morays and actions. My hometown is rugged, the game is thick to say the least, friends,family and art amidst the guns, gangs and dope. This is a town where I’ve been many things to many people, and those lives still resonate on the streets of Sacramento, if only as echoes.

I spent much of one night searching for a particular friend, a streetkid, to connect about the last days of a passed away friend. Picking up the pieces I guess, I told myself that this wouldn’t be as reflective of a trip as my last visit to Sacramento. I didn’t encounter any old adversaries, I didn’t slowly, menacingly drive in front of the Coffee shop that I was unfairly fired from, I didn’t visit my dads neighborhood and stand at the front door, only to leave without knocking. Instead, I reconnected with old bff’s and gff’s, petted various dogs and danced, danced, danced.

I saw my doctor at Planet Parenthood, i’ll hear back if anything is abnormal with my levels, i’ll be sure to keep you posted. I even managed to get a 4th opinion on my breathing issues, and that’s happily largely resolved. It was exciting to visit the Dr, if you’ve been following the site for a while now you’d know my negative experience with medical professionals. I have a pretty strong desire to visit this particular office as I know they will be kind to me. That’s all pretty resolved and I have this serene sense of knowing what i’m doing. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but at least I can see down the road a bit and it all looks pretty good. And as an added bonus to being healthy and hormone’d, I keep getting emails saying i’m the cutest little diaper girl, so that helps 🙂

The first 3 1/2 years of my transition were living as a girl with no hormones,
The most recent 3 1/2 have been low/inconsistent dosage
This next years will be full-on and preparing for SRS!
Then after that, happy girl!

I have the understanding, confidence and community to make it possible, I have no allusions otherwise. How exciting! I’m optimistic, and thanks for coming along for the ride. More awesome pictures and video soon! I’ll leave you one of many photos of my triple thick cloth diapered bottom in an American Apparel stocking.

Keep reading and i’ll keep crinkling 🙂

3 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. 3.5 years living as female wit no hormones…from following you I think that was mostly down to necessity and lack of funds but wanted to ask how long is the minimum before the docs will start hormones (if you know). You're looking great and it seems like you've gotten your life relatively stable and that you are reasonably content. Stay positive and know that there is at least one person (me) who is rooting for you!

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