New Shoes

I’ve got myself new pair of shoes! Fancy girl, Big 5 is the best place for shoes. Look how terrible my old shoes are!

Be distracted by my shoes, they are all I really have to post. I left my modem out of town, will *hopefully* have it back tomorrow. I have a new video and lots of crinkly pics but those will have to wait 😦 This blog is a huge tease, i’m sorry!

I alsoooo am sorry for not getting vack to the wealth of emails i’ve received, both inquiries about donations and otherwise, I have them and will be replying with the attention they deserve. If you feel snubbed by me, there is a higher likelihood there was a mistake (accidentally deleted/never received or had the wrong email address) than I actually don’t like you or something. Most likely, I haven’t had the time/mental power to respond.

Thanks for reading, shoe pic then a bunch of stuffs soon, hugs guise!!! Safety and Love to those in NY and all over the East, bear and I send out love ❤

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