Hey friends! I’m sitting at my computer, a bottle of water at my side, brain buzzing with internets! 
I’ve changed my address, set-up my bitcoin (with the help of an awesome reader) and have a few cool video ideas and plans to finish promised videos, specifically the Goodnites Bedmats review!
I did something really cute the other day, 
I changed out of my sleeper and my wet Tena Womens and put on some sweater and sweatpants for the long hike out to the trash. My first load in the washer killed it (not my fault) so all my pants are wet and dirty (story of my life)… and I left a bag of my bathroom stuff at my old place and doubt I’ll ever get it back, so I’m a pretty grungy sister at the moment. Anyway, I put on a Tinkerbell Goodnite under my sweatpants and no more than 5 minutes after, before making it outside even, I had wet it. I giggled and audibly announced “I had an accident!”, a freedom I have with these much thicker walls. With that said, I needed much thicker diapers so I slipped on another Tena Womens, which are like Goodnites for grown-ups 😛

I did something really cute today actually, it wasn’t cute as it was natural. I had put on a LG Cushie before going to bed, I don’t have any brief-tape-style diapers that fit (except a Bambino I’m holding onto) so If I need overnight protection i’m stuck with the few Cushies I have left. I went to bed, sleepy girl in pigtails, and woke up quiet early, the sun just barely peeking through my blinds. I reached down and felt my waist, my drowsy self thought I had fallen asleep in my jeans, but upon realizing I was in a thick, thick diaper (my first one for a while) I felt really pouty and innocent and whined a bit, like a kitty. I then kinda moved my body into *position* and wet my diapers, immediately layed back and fell back asleep. Waking up later in my soaked diaper and sleeper was wonderful… I miss being a little diaper girl…

I am now in my big girls clothes, though I am wearing a pad in my panties in case I leak a little. I’m very much looking forward to a crinkly holiday season, thinking positive and hoping i don’t get a rash after not wearing often, I’ll survive! I’m a tough little girl and I’ll be sharing more stories here soon, even one about a City Mouse and a Country Mouse. Look forward to more pics and everything soon! Hugs!

app chat with Riley K

Hello friends! I’m sitting at my desk at my new apartment! At my old place I couldn’t put my feet under the desk, so I’m much comfier now, my posture and everything is really important to the dexterity of my wrists… they are pretty warn down at the moment from a long day of cleaning yesterday, moving and my gratuitous iPad use lately, I anticipate “touchscreen wrists” are going to be a thing. If you have an iDevice, check out the free game Coaster Crazy, made by the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 people. Better visual than any RCT game, really innovative controls and still pretty sadistic when it comes to sending helpless riders to their demise. That’s a very youthful, creative side of me, the kind that likes crashes and trains and building stuff from scratch, I think it’s good to nurture that. The game does limit what you can access by using farmville-esq timers and alternative currencys, I’ve had hours of fun and haven’t paid a cent.

This started out as another post but ended as a short rant about a game I downloaded. I know for a fact that more android users visit my site… for you guise, check out the Kairosoft games. Those are pretty darn fun. This isn’t one of my best posts, there will be a twitterpated coming here shortly!

ah, I almost forgot~ Kimmie’s blog is back for now –
If you remember Kimmie from back in the day, this may interest you. Intro is a little scary for the littles.

Hugs and be well friends, more stuff soooon!

Blues are still Blue

Blues are still blue Hey loves! It’s little Riley Kilo making another little post to let the crinkly masses know that I am alive and well. I’m not going to lie, the last few days have been crazy. They dynamics of moving into my new house have changed, but I think it’s the right thing for everyone. All the prior tenants stuff is out and i’m in, just tonight starting to take things out of bags, I think this situation is going to work, mainly depending on my roommates, i’m quite fond of the location and my new room, so I hope we stay for a good long while.

You guys are going to love my new room. I have a big bed for me and bear, a dresser and a bookshelf to keep all my crinkles and a big full length mirrors to pose with my cute outifts on, it’s cozy and safe and welcoming. If you watch alot of transporn you probably know who one of my roommates is, i’m in good company and vibe well with the people in the house. Woohooo! It’ll probably be all done in a day or so and i’ll makes sure to share lots of pics!

I’m firing up the video factory again, the recession is over. Thank you for being patient with me. My life is more fluid, more ever-changing than most, but that’s due to my constant reaching for that brass ring… My last place wasn’t good for blogging or good for my mental state, so I moved out. If this doesn’t grant me the freedoms I require, I’ll look somewhere else. I think this is a place for betterment, I’m inspired to check out a therapist as soon as I can afford it to help me get my mind and gender and all that figured out, but for now it’s work and getting ready to pay rent at the first of the year, i’m optimistic.

 About 4 days ago I said under my breath, “i’m over it, i’m going to stop writing about my miserable life and just delve into the diapers and diaper discussion, but I shaked those nasty thoughts off. I fear sometimes i’m too expository, that talking about my troubles makes people lose respect, think that i’m a good example of why *not* to transition or be open about ageplay, but those people will inevitably find something to dislike about me… they’re jerks. I’m not the only person struggling, and telling the story of my struggle will help others realize that “we shall over come”. I know that there will be a happy ending to my story, times are tough right now but i’m still smiling, that’s the moral of this story, life is what you make of it and you have to make it for yourself. Too wordy to be wise, i’m no laureate, just a little cuddle bunny with a positive message to share.

There are too many good Belle & Sebastian or Pavement or Kinks songs to share, so i’ll avoid the trailing music video with this post. I know you’d rather see video of me, and you won’t be disappointed. Hugs, thank you again for the patience, theres some pretty cool people that I really need to email back, hugs and stay positive! Bear & I love you!

Pretty sunset

It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next. I’m moving out of Hollywood, but not moving very far away, it’s still LA, but getting a bit nicer digs. I’ll have a shared kitchen and a room bigger than my apartment, friendly roommates. and most importantly, safety. I’m excited, at my current apartment from the bad-neighborhood vibe, I felt nervous saying the word “Diaper” loudly because the walls are so thin and there’s so much foot traffic outside. I won’t have that problem here, i’ll be free to cam and make videos and maybe even build a crib : ) It’s a touch more than my old place, but much nicer… Honestly, I go a little crazy when I live alone. I feel like i’m often my worst enemy, I’ve kicked some ass since moving to LA, but not enough, I could be kicking so much more. It was a nice stepping stone but it’s nice to step beyond that.

My first goal was to move to a safe, better place and my second goal is a car. My plan is to have a car by Jan. 15th and no later, that’ll be about 2 months after moving to this new place and exactly 1 year after I moved to LA. I never had that Christmas morning where I run outside and theres a Lexus with a bow on it, but i’m working towards something kinda like that, maybe a Saturn with full tank of gas? I’m feeling positive, i’ll post more soon! Just giving you a little update on my situation and stress levels, hugs guise!

 —– I wrote this post a few days ago, but there was a little bug (not a snugglebug) in my ear that made me rethink that, I figured it was best to wait until I had all my stuff moved and some money put down before I told the world the good news. I’m all moved in, all boxed up still and running around town taking care of biz, handing off the keys and turning the proverbial page. My new place is big, unique and i’m hoping it stays sane. We’re talking a good amount of transpeople living under the same roof, an arrangement I always kinda swore against, but this I’m thinking will work. We’ll see… lots of new videos and more and more webcam stuffs soon, I finally have fast consistent internet so you’ll see more of this little girl than ever 🙂 How exciting! I’m actually sitting next to a cute transgirl in downtown LA at the moment, we’re both playing coy, I kinda want to flirt but i’m a bit too busy writing this post… The things I sacrifice for media! One last thought, and this is a little tough personal love.

Over the course of this site, you’ve probably noticed the recurring theme of ups and downs, depression and reemergence, a bit of the “grass is always greener”. At points in my life, I’ve initiated minor changes, cities, apartments, physical genders, i’ve invested dearly in these changes, my life has and always will be about growing, learning, seeing new things… But in terms of making a better life for myself, theq changes need to be bigger. I need to STAYpositive, STAYactive, STAYprodictive, I need to watch my chemical intake and my emotional levels, find consistency and positive patterns, make internal changes to reflect the external ones. Yoga and writing and crinkles and little-time and video and stories and lots and lots of bear cuddles. Modest Mouse sang “And I claim I’m not excited with my life anymore :: So I blame this town, this job, these friends, the truth is it’s myself” – its a sad thought, but its also empowering. Can i really change myself, de-mess my existance?

 Big snuggles and more better-than-ever soon! Thanks for everything, love and smiles for all my diapered friends

Apparent Apparel

Here’s a biigggg post about crinkles! 

Bambinos, ATN’s, Tenas, Trainers, Cloth, All-In-Ones, there are all sorts of diapers out there! we wear and we love, we crinkle and wet, it’s what we do as the diapered masses. Sometimes one diaper isn’t enough for us heavy wetters, sometimes we need to have our bottoms thickly padded, we wetters get to snuggling our stuffys and sucking our thumbs and we just let go, we can’t help it, that’s why we wear diapers. Below is a fully dressed and very soaked Riley, throughout this post i’ll be sharing the putting on of the diaper, while the pictures will be of me undressing, again,  soaked and submissive.

Thickly padded and unable to touch our crinkly parts is our natural state. There are lots of ways to achieve a submissive forced diapered-ness, be it through locking plastic panties or sleepers or onesies or duct tape, the possibilities are only limited by you’re creativity and consent. I was recently going through some old things safely stored in my hometown and managed to find this wonderful body stocking from American Apparel, I’m not quite sure what it’s called or what it’s purpose is other than making my diapers look faaantastic. I really want to wear them allll the time. I was going out for an evening in long beach, there was a long car trip ahead of me and knew I’d need a diaper, and a Friday night on the waterfront required special padding. I had some Cushies, the large ones, they would work if I had a baby diaper as a stuffer, but I didn’t. I wanted to feel cute not just bulky and the fluff inside the large Kushies gets all out of sorts if worn for a while, so I eyed my stack of pull-ups and formulated a plan 🙂

I first wriggled into an underjam, one of the s/m ones, and then got into my cloth diaper stack and to retrieve a purple custom made affair. After cutting holes in the Underjam (sites been scaled back significantly) so it could soak through, I snapped on the purple diaper and it’s removable cloth insert. I couldn’t help but pose and suck my thumb in front of the mirror, I was feeling very thickly padded, very cuddly and little, but this still wasn’t enough protection. The purple diaper is lined with plastic and works as an All-In-One, but this heavy wetting little girl is prone to leaking out of the sides. I grabbed another cloth diaper, this one is pink with snaps from NeverGrownUp, it works well alone with stuffers or those gerber prefold diapers, but here it served its purpose as a cover to catch any stray wetness, I snapped it up tight and purred, feeling all around my padding, I was a very happy girl.

Now how was I going to go out while I’m this padded? This is where the tights come in, I pulled them up over my skinny legs, doing a little dance to get them up over my crinkles. I pulled the straps over my shoulders and felt very secure. My bottom was too bulky to wear jeans, and a dress wouldn’t work either as these are hardly showing a discrete feminine silhouette. I found one of my poofier skirts, a Disney branded one from the little girls section at Target and put it on over my head, draping over my very apparent diaper. I put on a whispy button-up to draw the eyes down to my sexy legs, past my protruding protection. I even pulled on a little pair of cotton maternity panties over them for extra comfyness and discretion.

This is the point where that innocent fun starts, the submission of knowing that you’re thickly padded an you’d have to get completely undressed to change, knowing that you’re stuck in your diapers and don’t have any choice but to wet them. I get terribly self-conscious when I’m thickly diapered, though the skirt did a fine job of keeping my diapers unnoticeable it still feels like everyone knows. Sitting down always feels weird, I felt like my little secret was peeking out from under my skirt everytime I stood up. I imagined me, little Riley, the quintessential little girl in a summer dress with her too-big-for-anything-else diaper poking out so she can run free, unashamed of her constant accidents. Throughout a drive down the coast and an evening on The Pike I wet my pants 6 times, I would hold up my fingers and show my friend that I had an accident (because those are the rules) and once I started using two hands or my toes than we know it’s time for a change. I was soaked, but my custom diaper setup survived with not leaks… the edges of my panties and stockings were a bit damp, but I hardly leaked… success!

With a big sleepy yawn, I knew I needed to be taken home, undressed and put to bed! I was a tuckered out little girl from waddling up and down the LA coast. I wanted so badly to share my crinkly times with you, so I had a little sleepy photoshoot, was taped up in a fresh nighttime diaper smelling of powder and fishy A+D Lotion… a nice chance to just close my eyes and drift off, clutching my stuffed monkey, to have happy dreams of my thickly padded day and the many more ahead of me.  The weathers cooling down and my cuddlyness is going up, expect lots of diapered fun this winter! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, see the full gallery here! 

Hugs everyone… I am well, more posts soon.

fresh booty cuddles

Hey there friends. I am crawling my way out of primordial slime, plugged in my modem (which has been lost in Long Island for several days) and I’m editing a new series of photos, i’ve got a new post written and have a ton of new fun for you guise! here’s a quick crinkly pic, camming for GoodHandys tonight and then answering my many unanswered emails. To the few friends that have offered donations please don’t be disappointed by my lack of response, I have an awesome video soon and will be getting to emails asap. Hugs and dark hotel rooms….
Couple last things… I really like this song, I wrote a long post about halloween and my mom and bad acid trips without consent, but it was far too depressing to fit the cuddly theme of this website.So I’d like to share a music video of one of my favorite bands for little girls. A friend once said they met John and John at a show when they were 11 years old and they were the sweetest people they’d have ever met. To those AB’s with babies (i’m looking at you spacey) introduce some TheyMightBeGiants or Karen O. and the Kids into the nursery playlist 🙂
Hugs guise!!!