Apparent Apparel

Here’s a biigggg post about crinkles! 

Bambinos, ATN’s, Tenas, Trainers, Cloth, All-In-Ones, there are all sorts of diapers out there! we wear and we love, we crinkle and wet, it’s what we do as the diapered masses. Sometimes one diaper isn’t enough for us heavy wetters, sometimes we need to have our bottoms thickly padded, we wetters get to snuggling our stuffys and sucking our thumbs and we just let go, we can’t help it, that’s why we wear diapers. Below is a fully dressed and very soaked Riley, throughout this post i’ll be sharing the putting on of the diaper, while the pictures will be of me undressing, again,  soaked and submissive.

Thickly padded and unable to touch our crinkly parts is our natural state. There are lots of ways to achieve a submissive forced diapered-ness, be it through locking plastic panties or sleepers or onesies or duct tape, the possibilities are only limited by you’re creativity and consent. I was recently going through some old things safely stored in my hometown and managed to find this wonderful body stocking from American Apparel, I’m not quite sure what it’s called or what it’s purpose is other than making my diapers look faaantastic. I really want to wear them allll the time. I was going out for an evening in long beach, there was a long car trip ahead of me and knew I’d need a diaper, and a Friday night on the waterfront required special padding. I had some Cushies, the large ones, they would work if I had a baby diaper as a stuffer, but I didn’t. I wanted to feel cute not just bulky and the fluff inside the large Kushies gets all out of sorts if worn for a while, so I eyed my stack of pull-ups and formulated a plan 🙂

I first wriggled into an underjam, one of the s/m ones, and then got into my cloth diaper stack and to retrieve a purple custom made affair. After cutting holes in the Underjam (sites been scaled back significantly) so it could soak through, I snapped on the purple diaper and it’s removable cloth insert. I couldn’t help but pose and suck my thumb in front of the mirror, I was feeling very thickly padded, very cuddly and little, but this still wasn’t enough protection. The purple diaper is lined with plastic and works as an All-In-One, but this heavy wetting little girl is prone to leaking out of the sides. I grabbed another cloth diaper, this one is pink with snaps from NeverGrownUp, it works well alone with stuffers or those gerber prefold diapers, but here it served its purpose as a cover to catch any stray wetness, I snapped it up tight and purred, feeling all around my padding, I was a very happy girl.

Now how was I going to go out while I’m this padded? This is where the tights come in, I pulled them up over my skinny legs, doing a little dance to get them up over my crinkles. I pulled the straps over my shoulders and felt very secure. My bottom was too bulky to wear jeans, and a dress wouldn’t work either as these are hardly showing a discrete feminine silhouette. I found one of my poofier skirts, a Disney branded one from the little girls section at Target and put it on over my head, draping over my very apparent diaper. I put on a whispy button-up to draw the eyes down to my sexy legs, past my protruding protection. I even pulled on a little pair of cotton maternity panties over them for extra comfyness and discretion.

This is the point where that innocent fun starts, the submission of knowing that you’re thickly padded an you’d have to get completely undressed to change, knowing that you’re stuck in your diapers and don’t have any choice but to wet them. I get terribly self-conscious when I’m thickly diapered, though the skirt did a fine job of keeping my diapers unnoticeable it still feels like everyone knows. Sitting down always feels weird, I felt like my little secret was peeking out from under my skirt everytime I stood up. I imagined me, little Riley, the quintessential little girl in a summer dress with her too-big-for-anything-else diaper poking out so she can run free, unashamed of her constant accidents. Throughout a drive down the coast and an evening on The Pike I wet my pants 6 times, I would hold up my fingers and show my friend that I had an accident (because those are the rules) and once I started using two hands or my toes than we know it’s time for a change. I was soaked, but my custom diaper setup survived with not leaks… the edges of my panties and stockings were a bit damp, but I hardly leaked… success!

With a big sleepy yawn, I knew I needed to be taken home, undressed and put to bed! I was a tuckered out little girl from waddling up and down the LA coast. I wanted so badly to share my crinkly times with you, so I had a little sleepy photoshoot, was taped up in a fresh nighttime diaper smelling of powder and fishy A+D Lotion… a nice chance to just close my eyes and drift off, clutching my stuffed monkey, to have happy dreams of my thickly padded day and the many more ahead of me.  The weathers cooling down and my cuddlyness is going up, expect lots of diapered fun this winter! Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, see the full gallery here! 

Hugs everyone… I am well, more posts soon.

3 thoughts on “Apparent Apparel

  1. Hi Riley,

    I love the final image in your post – nighttime diaper smelling of powder and fishy A+D Lotion…

    I love the smell of baby powder. I also love the smell of diaper rash cream – it is such a babyish smell 🙂

    Diaperene, A+D, PENATEN, Zincofax – Diaper rash cream smells babyish, looks babyish, feels babyish…

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