Blues are still Blue

Blues are still blue Hey loves! It’s little Riley Kilo making another little post to let the crinkly masses know that I am alive and well. I’m not going to lie, the last few days have been crazy. They dynamics of moving into my new house have changed, but I think it’s the right thing for everyone. All the prior tenants stuff is out and i’m in, just tonight starting to take things out of bags, I think this situation is going to work, mainly depending on my roommates, i’m quite fond of the location and my new room, so I hope we stay for a good long while.

You guys are going to love my new room. I have a big bed for me and bear, a dresser and a bookshelf to keep all my crinkles and a big full length mirrors to pose with my cute outifts on, it’s cozy and safe and welcoming. If you watch alot of transporn you probably know who one of my roommates is, i’m in good company and vibe well with the people in the house. Woohooo! It’ll probably be all done in a day or so and i’ll makes sure to share lots of pics!

I’m firing up the video factory again, the recession is over. Thank you for being patient with me. My life is more fluid, more ever-changing than most, but that’s due to my constant reaching for that brass ring… My last place wasn’t good for blogging or good for my mental state, so I moved out. If this doesn’t grant me the freedoms I require, I’ll look somewhere else. I think this is a place for betterment, I’m inspired to check out a therapist as soon as I can afford it to help me get my mind and gender and all that figured out, but for now it’s work and getting ready to pay rent at the first of the year, i’m optimistic.

 About 4 days ago I said under my breath, “i’m over it, i’m going to stop writing about my miserable life and just delve into the diapers and diaper discussion, but I shaked those nasty thoughts off. I fear sometimes i’m too expository, that talking about my troubles makes people lose respect, think that i’m a good example of why *not* to transition or be open about ageplay, but those people will inevitably find something to dislike about me… they’re jerks. I’m not the only person struggling, and telling the story of my struggle will help others realize that “we shall over come”. I know that there will be a happy ending to my story, times are tough right now but i’m still smiling, that’s the moral of this story, life is what you make of it and you have to make it for yourself. Too wordy to be wise, i’m no laureate, just a little cuddle bunny with a positive message to share.

There are too many good Belle & Sebastian or Pavement or Kinks songs to share, so i’ll avoid the trailing music video with this post. I know you’d rather see video of me, and you won’t be disappointed. Hugs, thank you again for the patience, theres some pretty cool people that I really need to email back, hugs and stay positive! Bear & I love you!

3 thoughts on “Blues are still Blue

  1. please! do NOT! stop writing and posting! We love (and some of us “need!”) to see you posts… I know, I personally have kept an eye on you since I first saw you on t.v. and absolutely love to hear that you do well (on the good days… of course!) and though it breaks my heart to hear the hate mongering of the ones who do not or choose not to be understanding. I am constantly reminded of my mom who dis spite having lead a life that strict religious people would damn her for, she still has a faith like no one I have ever met. I did not expect it to but it has rubbed of on me in more ways than one, and though I almost disregard it I know that there are understanding and caring people that just can't wait to meet you and thoroughly enjoy your company and want to make your life that much more pleasant! I guess I am just posting to tell you that We care and pray! for you. lots of love! your friend, bobby 🙂

  2. Hello Riley,

    The worst, it think, is ridicule from within the T* scene. That is more hurting than from the outside. Little baby girls like us are an integral part of the transgender scene, we make it bright and colorful.

    Please, continue your mission!


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