app chat with Riley K

Hello friends! I’m sitting at my desk at my new apartment! At my old place I couldn’t put my feet under the desk, so I’m much comfier now, my posture and everything is really important to the dexterity of my wrists… they are pretty warn down at the moment from a long day of cleaning yesterday, moving and my gratuitous iPad use lately, I anticipate “touchscreen wrists” are going to be a thing. If you have an iDevice, check out the free game Coaster Crazy, made by the RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 people. Better visual than any RCT game, really innovative controls and still pretty sadistic when it comes to sending helpless riders to their demise. That’s a very youthful, creative side of me, the kind that likes crashes and trains and building stuff from scratch, I think it’s good to nurture that. The game does limit what you can access by using farmville-esq timers and alternative currencys, I’ve had hours of fun and haven’t paid a cent.

This started out as another post but ended as a short rant about a game I downloaded. I know for a fact that more android users visit my site… for you guise, check out the Kairosoft games. Those are pretty darn fun. This isn’t one of my best posts, there will be a twitterpated coming here shortly!

ah, I almost forgot~ Kimmie’s blog is back for now –
If you remember Kimmie from back in the day, this may interest you. Intro is a little scary for the littles.

Hugs and be well friends, more stuff soooon!

One thought on “app chat with Riley K

  1. Thanks for the tip about the game. It really seems to be fun and I'm glad to know I can enjoy it without having to buy in-game coins to actually enjoy it. Far too many games are going that route and they make their games really terrible until you pay.

    What was her site again.. or something? Wow. I'm glad to see she is back. It has been a very long time.

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