Hey friends! I’m sitting at my computer, a bottle of water at my side, brain buzzing with internets! 
I’ve changed my address, set-up my bitcoin (with the help of an awesome reader) and have a few cool video ideas and plans to finish promised videos, specifically the Goodnites Bedmats review!
I did something really cute the other day, 
I changed out of my sleeper and my wet Tena Womens and put on some sweater and sweatpants for the long hike out to the trash. My first load in the washer killed it (not my fault) so all my pants are wet and dirty (story of my life)… and I left a bag of my bathroom stuff at my old place and doubt I’ll ever get it back, so I’m a pretty grungy sister at the moment. Anyway, I put on a Tinkerbell Goodnite under my sweatpants and no more than 5 minutes after, before making it outside even, I had wet it. I giggled and audibly announced “I had an accident!”, a freedom I have with these much thicker walls. With that said, I needed much thicker diapers so I slipped on another Tena Womens, which are like Goodnites for grown-ups 😛

I did something really cute today actually, it wasn’t cute as it was natural. I had put on a LG Cushie before going to bed, I don’t have any brief-tape-style diapers that fit (except a Bambino I’m holding onto) so If I need overnight protection i’m stuck with the few Cushies I have left. I went to bed, sleepy girl in pigtails, and woke up quiet early, the sun just barely peeking through my blinds. I reached down and felt my waist, my drowsy self thought I had fallen asleep in my jeans, but upon realizing I was in a thick, thick diaper (my first one for a while) I felt really pouty and innocent and whined a bit, like a kitty. I then kinda moved my body into *position* and wet my diapers, immediately layed back and fell back asleep. Waking up later in my soaked diaper and sleeper was wonderful… I miss being a little diaper girl…

I am now in my big girls clothes, though I am wearing a pad in my panties in case I leak a little. I’m very much looking forward to a crinkly holiday season, thinking positive and hoping i don’t get a rash after not wearing often, I’ll survive! I’m a tough little girl and I’ll be sharing more stories here soon, even one about a City Mouse and a Country Mouse. Look forward to more pics and everything soon! Hugs!

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