We got through it! Bear and I have snuggled our way out of trickier situations but this winter has been a tough one, and through it springs new life. Yes, the long awaited aunt-hood has come and theres a new non-adult baby in my little family. Exciting stuff, everything worked out and life goes on, this isn’t some Jesus analogy, my sibling did just have a kid 🙂
It’s pretty amazing, how after a year of loss, there’s new life coming into the world. I was going through a big folder of to-be-organized videos and happened upon a series of live music recordings of my friend Sean and probably never left that folder, I felt really sick and upset, but i’d like to think new life adds a little bit of balance to it. And with this extra mopey holiday time, I found a bunch of old videos that I don’t think are posted anywhere online, I’ll be sharing some soon 🙂
This post get’s kinda sexual from here on out, so yeah…

I woke up this morning wanting to have sex, not masturbate, but I actually wanted sex. The holidays and being single don’t go together great, and even though I had a lovely LOTR Turkey holiday dinner with my roommates, I do wish I had someone to wake up to other than my stuffed bear. Instead of moping around as I have this winter, I’ve decided to be more proactive and maybe even start dating :0

I know it’s a little scary to think this little girl is going to go out on dates with strange daddies she’s never met before, but throughout this process I’ll be sharing some hints and experiences, hopefully they will be good 🙂 Little Riley’s heart is pretty fragile and it takes a certain kind of guy to meet her needs… One of the toughest things is finding guys who are on with me going post-op at some point. I see guys wanting to date a transgirl but they still want her to be able to get hard which is not a long-term situation for me. I need a guy who’s ok with a functional tgirl & ok with a non functional/post girl.  Plus the fact that I’m so correlated with diapers and ageplay can also thin the heard a bit… But at the same time, there’s plenty of guys out there that would be interested… right?
Don’t forget, I do like mommies too, and I like other transpeople, I just need that older dominant figure in my life whatever orientation they may be.  I need that strong hand firmly planted on my bottom, I need spankings and cuddles and things put inside me. I have gone a long time just playing around, I think relationships will be a new frontier in my girlhood 🙂

I’m excited, lets ride out the rest of this wonderful, sad year and look forward to this next journey we’re about to embark on. Thanks for the holiday wishes, I’ll be getting further into my emails and sorry if I haven’t responded! Hugs everyone, more stuff soon!

Here’s a couple cute pics! More soon, be safe this new years!

stop depresses

Hey there friends!

 I know the holidays can be a little tough. They will be over soon.
 2013 will be a good year. This year has been long and lossy, we tend to remember whom we’ve lost around this time. It helps to laugh, I found these .gifs of bad infomercial scenes and they provided a smile, which I needed.

I am looking forward to SRS by this time next year, I have been looking into surgeons locally. There’s a few things I need to do before then, I need to get started on that. I don’t want to share my problems and weep about this year too much, I’m doing plenty of that on my own. I’ll have a nice holiday at home and then i’ll move on, shake it off and maybe be a little better for it. 
This time of year can be devastating, for those prone to depression, for alcoholics, for those who have loved and lost and for those who never loved at all. It’s important to acknowledge that this time of year is tough, and honestly, once the cheer and the stress and pressures of holidays go away, life get’s a little better. Both literally and figuratively, the sun will shine again. Life may feel cold and prickly right now, but it won’t always. I’m not sure if that idyllic warm Christmas scene from Star Trek Generations is really in the cards for me, but someday I hope it all makes me less sad. 
Listening to happy music… happy thoughts friends…

LA, montreal, france and fetlife

Hey there! Do you guise like fetish stuff? Like kink and diapers and spankings?
Well there’s this website see, it’s called Fetlife. It’s pretty shady and has gotten moreso since the internet showed up and messed the whole place up. There’s some places you don’t want to go, due to vetting and some less than friendly people, but you can find some pretty neat places too. Be warned, TNG means TheNextGeneration, but not like Picard, like 35 & under. I think this can be beneficial in certain aspects of kink but don’t really support it in terms of Ageplay. To each their own. 
If you’re in LA: check this out Social of Ageplayers – January
This is the group I went to recently, fun meetup!
If you’re in Montreal or parts adjacent give this a look – Montreal Littles and Ageplayers
It’s a newly formed group in Montreal, will be cool to see this grow!

If you’re in love with french girls in cute little mod dresses that I wish I had, there’s a video below

Here’s the same song, but a much trippier/suggestive video. Here’s another France Gall song, with awesome french dancing which was popular at the time. I’m going to start dressing like her from now on if that’s ok. From the lyrics, it’s about a girl who likes lollipops flavored with anise, but I don’t think it’s that simple.

Enjoy the music, the cuddles, the links, and more stuff soon!
 Oh, and I’ve gotten 2 million hits since I switched to StayDiapered.com! Hooray!


Here’s 15 Stone Babies!

Kat is simply the cutest little girl.

She shows both the sense of wonder that comes from being little and the lucidity of someone who has a well grasp on her experience.

This is seems to be a fair shake for those involved.

I have more things to say, but haven’t found the words. I helped consult on this project and am awfully proud of the outcome. 

More stuff soon. Enjoy the video.

15 and stoned

Here’s a stream of thought…

Kat is simply the cutest little girl in the world.
She shows both the sense of wonder that comes from being little and the lucidity of someone who has a well grasp on her experience.
This is seems to be a fair shake for those involved.
I have more things to say, I helped consult on this project and am pretty happy with how it came out.
More stuff soon. Enjoy the video.
Continuing to add things to this… Kat’s partner reminds me of Doug Martsch, my indie rock crush. I wish I had a daddy here in LA :/ Great song links on the Mother Jones article btw. 
15 Stone Babies part 3
(maybe a bit of a trans trigger worries here)


I went to a munch the other day and had a very nice time. There’s a group of ageplayers here in LA that meet a small but growing group of friendly people, I felt comfortable, I should have brought my jellybean puppy in my purse 🙂 I had a lovely time and I wore my new little dress and diapers and plastic pants 😛 I have pictures to show you!

I felt really pretty!
After getting home from the munch I couldn’t help but pull up my dress and show off my diapers 🙂

I had an accident or four but I made sure to have my plastic pants on…

I was being a good girl wearing my Abena S2’s, I looked a bit mature with my red lipstick and sunglasses, but underneath is soft, soggy padding and pink plastic. This was my debut on the LA littles scene, however small it may be, and I’m excited to meet more local littles and bigs.

Big hugs, more posts sooooon!