15 and stoned

Here’s a stream of thought…

Kat is simply the cutest little girl in the world.
She shows both the sense of wonder that comes from being little and the lucidity of someone who has a well grasp on her experience.
This is seems to be a fair shake for those involved.
I have more things to say, I helped consult on this project and am pretty happy with how it came out.
More stuff soon. Enjoy the video.
Continuing to add things to this… Kat’s partner reminds me of Doug Martsch, my indie rock crush. I wish I had a daddy here in LA :/ Great song links on the Mother Jones article btw. 
15 Stone Babies part 3
(maybe a bit of a trans trigger worries here)

5 thoughts on “15 and stoned

  1. Hi Riley (and Bear),
    This has been so well received and I do think they did a good job, but I keep reminding people about your appearance on the Bill Cunningham show. That is still the best representation in the media I've yet seen. I've already thanked you, but one can never get enough encouragement in this area.

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