LA, montreal, france and fetlife

Hey there! Do you guise like fetish stuff? Like kink and diapers and spankings?
Well there’s this website see, it’s called Fetlife. It’s pretty shady and has gotten moreso since the internet showed up and messed the whole place up. There’s some places you don’t want to go, due to vetting and some less than friendly people, but you can find some pretty neat places too. Be warned, TNG means TheNextGeneration, but not like Picard, like 35 & under. I think this can be beneficial in certain aspects of kink but don’t really support it in terms of Ageplay. To each their own. 
If you’re in LA: check this out Social of Ageplayers – January
This is the group I went to recently, fun meetup!
If you’re in Montreal or parts adjacent give this a look – Montreal Littles and Ageplayers
It’s a newly formed group in Montreal, will be cool to see this grow!

If you’re in love with french girls in cute little mod dresses that I wish I had, there’s a video below

Here’s the same song, but a much trippier/suggestive video. Here’s another France Gall song, with awesome french dancing which was popular at the time. I’m going to start dressing like her from now on if that’s ok. From the lyrics, it’s about a girl who likes lollipops flavored with anise, but I don’t think it’s that simple.

Enjoy the music, the cuddles, the links, and more stuff soon!
 Oh, and I’ve gotten 2 million hits since I switched to! Hooray!

7 thoughts on “LA, montreal, france and fetlife

  1. Here is a translation of the lyrics :

    Annie loves lollipops,
    Lollipops with anise.
    The Annie’s Lollipops with anise
    Give to her kisses
    An anise taste.

    When the anise flavored candy
    Sinks in Annie's throat,
    She is in Paradise.

    For some pennies, Annie
    Gets her anise lollipops.
    They have the color of his eyes,
    The color of happy days.

    When she has nothing more on her tongue
    Than the small wooden stick
    She takes to her heels
    And goes back to the drugstore.

    For some pennies (*), Annie …etc.
    (*) pennies / penis

    That was written by the wicked singer Serge Gainsbourg in 1966.
    France Gall was 18.
    As she admit it later, she was not aware of the double meaning of the text.
    Incredible? Please don’t miss that we were in 1966!

  2. haha, I know, there are plenty of cuddly littles and bigs, young and old ageplayers <3 You don't see me giving shoutouts to AdultFriendFinder :o

    Thanks for the positive thoughts! Hugs!

  3. Hi riley! My name is sophie and I'm also an AB. Daddy and i have been on fetlife for four years and I love it 🙂 I wanted to tell you I love your episode in MSA

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