stop depresses

Hey there friends!

 I know the holidays can be a little tough. They will be over soon.
 2013 will be a good year. This year has been long and lossy, we tend to remember whom we’ve lost around this time. It helps to laugh, I found these .gifs of bad infomercial scenes and they provided a smile, which I needed.

I am looking forward to SRS by this time next year, I have been looking into surgeons locally. There’s a few things I need to do before then, I need to get started on that. I don’t want to share my problems and weep about this year too much, I’m doing plenty of that on my own. I’ll have a nice holiday at home and then i’ll move on, shake it off and maybe be a little better for it. 
This time of year can be devastating, for those prone to depression, for alcoholics, for those who have loved and lost and for those who never loved at all. It’s important to acknowledge that this time of year is tough, and honestly, once the cheer and the stress and pressures of holidays go away, life get’s a little better. Both literally and figuratively, the sun will shine again. Life may feel cold and prickly right now, but it won’t always. I’m not sure if that idyllic warm Christmas scene from Star Trek Generations is really in the cards for me, but someday I hope it all makes me less sad. 
Listening to happy music… happy thoughts friends…

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