couple therapy

your little girl is trying to improve herself

These are year-old pictures of your little princess. 
Even though she’s been pretending to be potty trained…
little Riley just can’t stay dry.

She talked to a therapist! This was a big step for our scared little relucant hero. She’s trying to get her head straight, to better herself. She even got her nails done and her eyebrows waxed today! She must be trying to be realy pretty. Sometimes our hero doubts that things are going in a good direction, but in her little soft heart she knows that it’s right. The stress hurts, but not as much as her old life (so long ago) hurt her little frame, the rattling of the bumps and dips of her life will never divert her path.

I hurt, but I heal. I cry, but I smile. I breath the breath of adversity and I exhale breaths of overcoming. I am resilient. Hugs internet, I have a big, big weekend coming up, I’m going to be on the biggest TV show i’ve ever been on, win awards, pay rent through the lens and gain further means to express my positive message. There’s no manifesto here, I have things to share soon and I hope you’ll read along and learn with me.

We’re all scared and confused, let’s be scared and confused together… let’s embrace it.


11 thoughts on “couple therapy

  1. Hey lil heroine,

    I love the pictures, as always. I think the one from the side make you look more “little.” You are adorable. I continue to wish you all the very best.

  2. You're beautiful. I'm a straight guy in my 20s and honestly had no idea you weren't born a girl. Stay strong, you have nothing to hide from.

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