back in my tinkerbells

Hello friends! I’ve got a whole bunch of new pictures for you! 
I’d like to think this sites been on a uphill battle, that my photos are getting better as time goes on.
Sometimes I worry about putting out too many photos, but we never get tired of looking at pictures of diapergirls, do we?
 So I’m going to continue putting out new photos, the naughtier bits of some sets may be only available on my private site or through my Clips4Sale, this has been a free site for years and will continue to be but expect to see more stuff coming up around my paid content. This girl has been without sustainable income for a while, you should be proud! I’m finally in the position to start really marketing my adult content. I feel pretty happy about that, more awesome stuff soon!
I still will keep you plenty satisfied with pics and videos, don’t worry, remember, i’m doing this mostly for enlightenment and to relate to others by telling my story, that will always be the focus, with pay-content a distant second. 
For today, I provide you with no introspection, no fancy words or optimism or thoughtful meanderings. No, today is for pictures of me smiling and playing in my diapers! 
I hope you think the pictures are cute and new stuff soon… 
Don’t forget about Capcon!!!

spring is for clotheslines

Hello friends! This is one of many photos I’ve taken recently of me in cloth diapers! How cute!

I also started up my Clips4Sale, though I need to do more to it to make it prettier and put up better videos. It’s been a long time coming and now is good for me to really start making a ton of naughty videos and play on cam! If you have access to my private site, I put up a new video of me in a corset and peppermint dress, being playful. Pretty much all the videos from my private site are on Clips4Sale, except the really messy ones because I don’t think it’s allowed. I’ll still be providing both, and you can even check out my camsite on Ifriends 🙂

Pardon the shameless self-promotion, I just need to really be a good girl and make a bunch of videos so I can make it to Chicago to give my presentations and meet a bunch of my east coast friends again! So look forward to lots of crinkle pics with my new photo-setup. I’m excited!

Hugs everyone! Talk sooooon!

love or light or heat whatever

My tummy hurts! I ate a bunch of bad food yesterday and now my tummy is unhappy with me 😦
I am headed further West this afternoon to meet with a friend, goto the beach & take lots of photos. I’m even going to wear some crinkles under my cute little shorts 😛 
I’ll be busy until Monday at least, wish me clear skin and good lighting.
Everybody seems to be shacking up these days. This likely sounds like old hat to you, loneliness is a recurring theme on this blog, in my life. I have friends, lovers but nobody wants to “buy the cow”, and those who do are married, flaky, not in a good place in their lives or a million miles away. It’s even worse when they are all 4. I’m assuming that people meet each other at school, their jobs, through friends or through dating sites. Well, it’s tough being of non-normative gender, a well-known fetishist and in a town where you don’t really have a friend base. I went to a party to make new friends the other night, it was boring and the host felt he needed to make it clear that he wasn’t attracted to “Men or TG”, which was largely unsolicited. I’ve been to a ton of parties in my time, and this was one of the most awful, that’s what I get for being excited about something.
Most guys I meet love the *idea* of dating a transgirl or a diaper girl, but when one is sitting across the table from them it seems to be too much. Maybe i’m too much? Maybe I’m the one who is awful and undatable, not these men? Since getting on a more positive vibe over the last few weeks, therapy etc, I’ve been feeling more open about things like dating. Naturally my first few attempts have been the emotional equivalent of one of those electric flyswatter paddles to the testicles, so I’m going to stop trying for a little while. I’ve been focusing more on me, job hunting and staying sober, wearing diapers and making more content. I’ve even started volunteering more and working closer with GJLA, which is super important to me. I’ve gone from looking for a job I want to looking for any job, I can make it freelance, but it’s been almost 3 years since I had a normal job, it’s about time to get back into the workforce and start enjoying things like benefits, buying a car, socialization etc.
I’m not ABDreams or Aunt Elli, I’m not in this community for money, I’m not a series of models and photographers selling a certain reality. The folks who have been reading this site for years know that i’m here to enlighten myself and others, to expand our understanding of this experience and to grow as littles and as people. This keeps me going, knowing that myself and others are not just here to make a quick buck or draw attention to ourselves, but we’re actually building a conceptual foundation for a new and fascinating human behavior. We’re not drawing lines or putting others down to lift ourselves up, we’re learning to accept ourselves and the many “taboo” aspects of this experience. When I feel lonely, when I see these diaper girls with their boyfriends, I do feel a bit of jealousy… but where I may not snuggle up every night with the same lover, but I know I’m in bed with some wonderful minds in the AB/DL world. I can and will namedrop, but for now you cats know who you are. Thanks for reminding me that this scene isn’t just cold feeted guys and pretty cis-girls on pedestals.
Bit of a morning rant I know, but I wanted to share that ‘m going to actually have some diaper fun this weekend & take a ton of new pics. I’ll even have a chance for some cuddles… this little girl may not need a partner or people around all the time, but she sure needs a little love or light or heat now and then. I’ve got so much love to give to the right person… I sometimes feel that right person for me, that soulmate, fell down a well or went off to war and never came back, that i’m forever a lost soul in an empty fishbowl. I guess if I were a poet i’d try to convince myself and others of this, but really, I just attract a percentage of a percentage of the world and have to be patient. 
I’m sure there’s a Beatles quote about loving yourself before anyone else can love you, probably one from Paul. Hugs, more stuff soon, thanks for listening 🙂


 Hey there friends! I am just about to go on a little crinkly adventure to a diaper party here in LA. 
I miss having boobs. After taking a lower dose of hormones for a while, I kinda lost some boob size. This is also a really well angled picture, taken in Sept. 2011. 
They’ve gotten smaller, but they’re coming back 🙂
I’ll keep you posted about my boobs and more! I’m feeling awesome about being back on hormones day and night and my shy awkward self is being ruthlessly clubbed by my happy social self.
 More soon, regardless of cup size.

diaper girl pictures over here

I have been reflecting lately. Thinking about my past and what’s lead to this moment of my life, sitting here writing blog posts to prompt a cute picture of my happily diapered self. I had considered posting this with only the first sentence attached, but you’d probably think I was just being coy. I try to add my thoughts to each post, but sometimes I think it’s fine to just post pictures, or to just talk about silly fun things. I’ve been awfully serious lately, I much prefer being a bouncing cute babygirl than an insecure mess of a writer, though I guess there’s a place for all seasons of Riley. 

It’s a good life lesson to that we are constantly changing. Not everyday can you be beautiful, not every game you hit a homerun, not every day you fill your quota. It’s the getting up for work, the stepping up to the plate that matters, it’s that constant reminder that you’re working towards something positive. I feel like i’m grabbing the reins of my life again and it feels good, I want to share my smiling face and cute crinkly life with all the other cuddlers out there. This blog is much more fun when i’m out of a funk.

More stuff soon, happy thoughts! Oh, one more thing, I’m wearing depends because even though they are awful I like them alot, there’s just something about them that makes me giggle and squirm 😛


Dry cotton

Hello friends! Just finished my therapy appointment and feeling pretty positive. I’m off to go help out some fellow advocates at Gender Justice LA and then maybe catch a queer film festival downtown. I’ve made my room over to make photos easier, I’m still just a girl with a camera but I’m feeling optimistic about what I can do. Today’s picture (from my site was taken this morning and I think it’s pretty cute. I know I need my diapers but sometimes panties are so cute I have to show them off 🙂

Thanks for reading, more soon, cuteness, photos, thoughts and maybe even some videos! Hugs and happy crinkles Internet friends!

oh yeah

Hello friends!

This is just a quick little update to share some happy thoughts. I have much to say but am just finding the words… I know it’s not much of a post, but I wanted to express that I’m feeling better than I have over the last few posts. Seeing a therapist and my birthday have been catalysts for positive change, I’ve done stuff in my room to make it easier to take pictures, feeling cute and even though the pictures I tried to take this morning turned out awful I will just try again. It’s not that I don’t feel pretty, it’s more that I need to get more comfy with my current set-up & get better at taking photos.

Since my birthday I have been wearing my diapers everyday! Not all day everyday, but in the mornings and evenings and sometimes during the day. I didn’t wear for a while because sometimes wearing diapers makes me feel lonier than I already am… when I’m upset, stressed, frustrated, diapers are a great way to make me feel better and find a happy cuddly peaceful mindset to manage those feelings. When I’m depressed, my crinkles (among other favorite things, music/stuffed animals/friends etc.) all seem like too much to handle and end up getting ignored. When I’m normal or even *happy* baby powder and music fill my home, people and success no longer scare me. It feels good and I miss it, I have been such a little crinkler the last few days 😛 With the right balance of hormones, diapers and love, I think this little girl has a chance to flourish like a cherry blossom tree, not stand rigid like bamboo.

In the time of writing this post I changed out of my wet Depends and put on a size 5 Overnight CVS diaper, I miss being a diaper girl! I missed positive feelings and it just took a little motivation and support to get myself back to good. Thanks to the folks who’ve written with kind words, expect more stuff soon! Hugs everyone! This is an older pic of me in the ABU BMX’s… more cuteness soon 😛