diaper girl pictures over here

I have been reflecting lately. Thinking about my past and what’s lead to this moment of my life, sitting here writing blog posts to prompt a cute picture of my happily diapered self. I had considered posting this with only the first sentence attached, but you’d probably think I was just being coy. I try to add my thoughts to each post, but sometimes I think it’s fine to just post pictures, or to just talk about silly fun things. I’ve been awfully serious lately, I much prefer being a bouncing cute babygirl than an insecure mess of a writer, though I guess there’s a place for all seasons of Riley. 

It’s a good life lesson to that we are constantly changing. Not everyday can you be beautiful, not every game you hit a homerun, not every day you fill your quota. It’s the getting up for work, the stepping up to the plate that matters, it’s that constant reminder that you’re working towards something positive. I feel like i’m grabbing the reins of my life again and it feels good, I want to share my smiling face and cute crinkly life with all the other cuddlers out there. This blog is much more fun when i’m out of a funk.

More stuff soon, happy thoughts! Oh, one more thing, I’m wearing depends because even though they are awful I like them alot, there’s just something about them that makes me giggle and squirm 😛


3 thoughts on “diaper girl pictures over here

  1. Is it just me or does the depends of now seem louder and more crinkly?? The Plastic outside seems different somehow to me.

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