back in my tinkerbells

Hello friends! I’ve got a whole bunch of new pictures for you! 
I’d like to think this sites been on a uphill battle, that my photos are getting better as time goes on.
Sometimes I worry about putting out too many photos, but we never get tired of looking at pictures of diapergirls, do we?
 So I’m going to continue putting out new photos, the naughtier bits of some sets may be only available on my private site or through my Clips4Sale, this has been a free site for years and will continue to be but expect to see more stuff coming up around my paid content. This girl has been without sustainable income for a while, you should be proud! I’m finally in the position to start really marketing my adult content. I feel pretty happy about that, more awesome stuff soon!
I still will keep you plenty satisfied with pics and videos, don’t worry, remember, i’m doing this mostly for enlightenment and to relate to others by telling my story, that will always be the focus, with pay-content a distant second. 
For today, I provide you with no introspection, no fancy words or optimism or thoughtful meanderings. No, today is for pictures of me smiling and playing in my diapers! 
I hope you think the pictures are cute and new stuff soon… 
Don’t forget about Capcon!!!

10 thoughts on “back in my tinkerbells

  1. getting Excuse me if you think I'm rude.
    but I have noticed in your pictures that it seems like you do not have a penis longer there, you have taken gender surgery since it seems like you belong there at all????

  2. Just found some tinkerbell goodnites at walmart think I cum on myself as I was paying for them.cant wait to feel like a little girl while dreaming of fairies and butterflies nothing is more conforting than a wet girly diaper

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